Other Psychiatric Disorders

There are wide ranges of psychiatric disorders both common and rare, diagnosed and undiagnosed.

Psychiatric disorders fall under different categories such as phobias, social anxiety, personality disorders, dissociative disorder, impulse-control disorders, sleep disorders, substance disorders, somatoform disorders (somatic symptom disorder) and others.

There are over 300 different psychiatric disorders listed in the DSM-V, the official record of mental health conditions. With continued research, more are named every year and some disorders are removed or re-categorized.

At Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres our talented clinical team will work with you to determine the most effective treatment plan for your condition.

We understand the frustrating road you and your family have travelled to get here, and we want to help you regain control over your life by learning more about your disorder and how best to treat it.

Highly personalized, clinically-based treatment options such as psychotherapy methods, innovative holistic methods, and medication are all viable options that will help get you back on your feet.

Finding the right treatment for you is our top priority, and nothing makes us happier than helping people who need it most.

 Call us today- you’re not alone and we can help you achieve recovery.


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Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.

Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.