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Favourites of Amanda Warr

Meet Amanda Warr She is one of the compassionate, dedicated clinical therapists who support our clients and their families at Trafalgar. This week, we would like to feature her faves. Is there any particular show you like to watch, Amanda? This is Us and A Million Little Pieces. In general,…
Our Team

Favourites of Frank Mazzawi

Meet Frank Mazzawi Frank is like a rock solid, steadfast and incredibly dependable person with a heartfelt commitment to serve and help our clients at Trafalgar. This week, we would like to feature his faves. Do you have any favourite movies? What is the best scene in it? Momento. It's…
Our Team

Favourites of Melissa Martin

Meet Melissa Martin Melissa Martin is a highly strategic and detail-oriented, seasoned relationship-building manager at Trafalgar. She is also the ambassador of the holidays and she likes to decorate our office with different ornaments. So this week, we would like to feature Melissa Martin's faves.  Melissa, let's talk about your…