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Sex Addiction Treatment

Evidence-based and effective sex addiction treatment in Ontario

Sex addiction is a highly personal and complicated addiction that is based in a world of fantasy.

For some people, sex addiction can become a destructive and uncontrollable disorder that needs immediate treatment. Even diagnosis of sex addiction can be a challenging due to the complexity of the disorder. Sex addiction can be effectively treated at one of our rehab centres in Toronto and Ontario.

Sex Addiction Treatment

The sympathetic, certified sex addiction therapists at our residential treatment centres or outpatient clinic understand the tumultuous emotional journey your addiction has taken you through, and the complicated effect this can have on your personal life. We want to help you understand and conquer your addictive sexual tendencies by providing you with an individualized behavioural addiction treatment based on your personal needs. By providing mental health treatment and sex addiction recovery options for you and your loved ones, we ensure that you are given the best possible chance of achieving sustained recovery. Sex addiction treatment is possible, and it starts with your commitment to treatment.

Residential and Outpatient Sex Addiction Treatment

Trafalgar offers personalized evidence-based addiction treatment program designed to address specific needs of each individual client wether it be just sex addiction or sex addiction in conjunction with a concurrent mental health disorder. We operate 2 inpatient rehab centres in Ontario and an addiction counselling clinic in Toronto. Upon admission at Trafalgar addiction treatment centres we will help you choose the best facility and program to address your specific needs.

Sex Addiction Symptoms

The symptoms of the addiction include an unusual pattern of rampant sexual behaviour that leads to immense complications in one’s life. This is an all-encompassing addiction that requires a comprehensive treatment process in order to help take hold of one’s desires. The seemingly unstoppable nature of the sexual acts becomes problematic and interferes with one’s life, leaving the afflicted avoiding realistic social or personal relationships and fostering unhealthy infatuations and problematic encounters that can put the addicted person, or others, at risk.