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Sex Addiction Treatment

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Understanding and treating sex addiction can improve your life.

Sex addiction is a highly personal and complicated addiction that is based in a world of fantasy.

For some people, sex addiction can become a destructive and uncontrollable disorder that needs immediate treatment. Even diagnosis of being addicted to sex can be challenging due to the complexity of the disorder.

Rest assure that the sexual compulsive behaviour can be effectively treated at one of our rehab centres in Toronto and Ontario.

At Home Treatment Plan for
Sex Addiction

We offer 4-week intensive virtual program:

Online and At Your Own Pace
A Virtual Circle of Care Team Supporting Your Recovery
12 Individual Therapy Sessions
Specialized Group Therapy
3 Family Therapy
4 Partner Support Therapy
Accountability / Mentor Support
Discharge Planning
24-Month Continuation of Care
Lifelong Aftercare

A New Alternative to Residential Treatment.
And yes, it works.

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Sex Addiction Symptoms

The symptoms of the addiction include an unusual pattern of rampant sexual behaviour that leads to immense complications in one’s life.

This is an all-encompassing addiction that requires a comprehensive treatment process in order to help take hold of one’s desires.

The seemingly unstoppable nature of the sexual acts becomes problematic and interferes with one’s life, leaving the afflicted avoiding realistic social or personal relationships.

The sexual urges foster unhealthy infatuations and problematic encounters that can put the addicted person, or others, at risk.

Sex Addiction Treatment Methods

The sympathetic, sex addiction therapists and health professionals at our residential treatment centres outpatient clinic and online rehab program understand the tumultuous emotional journey your addiction has taken you through, and the complicated effect this can have on your personal life.

We want to help you understand and conquer your addictive sexual tendencies by providing you with an individualized behavioural addiction treatment based on your personal needs.

By providing mental health treatment and sex addiction recovery options for you and your loved ones, we ensure that you are given the best possible chance of achieving sustained recovery.

Sexual behavioural disorder treatment is possible, and it starts with your commitment to treatment.

Inpatient Sex Addiction Treatment

We operate a residential facility, located just outside Guelph, Ontario, to provide intensive, evidence-based inpatient sex addiction treatment.

You may stay at our residential centre for 30, 45, 60, or 90 days, or longer if necessary.

We treat you as a whole person. It means we are well qualified to address concurrent mental health issues, such as PTSD, chronic/severe depression, trauma or anxiety and other psychiatric disorders that may fuel your behavioural disorder.

While in our care, you will take part in individual therapy and group therapy to be equipped with necessary tools for understanding and treating sex addiction.

Extra counselling will also be offered for your family members and your partner.

Our aim is to provide you with sexual addiction treatment at highest standards, leading to a sustainable and smart recovery.

Outpatient Sex Addiction Treatment

Our outpatient addiction counselling centre, located in Toronto, can help you if you are unable to attend residential treatment.

Our 4-week or 6-week Intensive Outpatient Program allows you to receive treatment for unstoppable sexual urges similar to what you would receive in our residential treatment facility.

Outpatient Addiction Counselling allows you the opportunity to continue working and go home at night.

Internet Sex Addiction Treatment

If you would like to have treatment for this addiction in the comfort and privacy of your home, Virtual Sex Addiction Rehab has got you covered. You can get the same intensive outpatient program through an online, secure platform.

trafalgar addiction treatment centre

Lifelong Aftercare For Sex Addiction

Some may think that if they have made it through a sexual addiction rehab program then their problems are over. But this is rarely the case.

Completing a sex addiction treatment program is a great accomplishment but it is only the beginning of the recovery journey.

As part of Trafalgar’s sex addiction treatment program, we also offer aftercare services to make sure that upon your graduation, any kind of relapse will be prevented through our Lifelong Aftercare, ContinUCare and Continuation of Care.

Aftercare is especially important during the first few years of recovery.


Aftercare participation is a chance to interact with other clients who also struggle with addiction, practice social skills and identify relapse triggers. Our Aftercare Groups enable you to have an opportunity to check in and receive constructive feedback from fellow addicts on how you are progressing.


ContinUCare enables the client and their Trafalgar care team to monitor progress on the journey to recovery and potentially identify and address areas of concern before they escalate into serious problems. It is like having your care team constantly watching out for you and there to provide help if needed.

Continuation of Care

Clients will schedule a call with the Continuation of Care Counsellor during the first week after discharge. Addiction counselling calls will continue biweekly for a period of four months. After the 4 month period, it will be followed by monthly calls for the following 20 months. Clients can arrange calls to suit their schedules within regular business hours. These counselling calls will provide an excellent way of tracking progress and discussing any issues that may arise.

Meet Our Renowned Experts

You will receive sexual addiction treatment from the very best.
We have a team of accredited professionals who have many years of clinical and research experience.

Photo of Christine Courbasson

Dr. Christine Courbasson

Clinical Psychologist & Senior Clinical Advisor

Photo of Nathaniel Israel

Nathaniel Israel, MA, RP

Clinical Director, Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program

Photo of Kinga Marchment

Kinga Burjan, MA, RP

Clinical Director, Virtual Integrated Programming

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Different Treatment Options

We offer sex addiction treatment programs through:


Sex Addiction Treatment

Virtual and Residential Options

Consult with a professional now to learn how we can help you or your loved one.

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