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Our team of compassionate and highly skilled professionals embrace the most current, cutting edge addiction treatment methods available today.

At Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres we aim to deliver the most comprehensive and effective evidence based treatment approach towards each and every client to maximize effectiveness of both residential and outpatient treatment approaches.

Personalized & Effective Addiction Treatment

Each of our addiction treatment programs are CARF accredited which means that they adhere to the nighest standards of addiction treatment in the world! We offer treatment at three locations:

  • Trafalgar East helps people with addiction issues and psychological disorders
  • Trafalgar West works with individuals struggling with addiction and severe psychological disorders
  • Trafalgar Outpatient is an ideal alternative for those who can’t attend residential facility due to their busy lifestyle

Trafalgar’s programs are tailored to specific needs of each individual client to maximize effectiveness of treatment.

Master’s Degree Addiction Therapists

All therapists at Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres hold Master’s degree or higher and are subject to annual professional development in order to maintain our services at the highest standards. While in treatment you will be working with certified addiction treatment professional with years of experience in treating addiction & concurrent mental health disorders.

Residential Addiction Treatment Programs

Our residential programs are developed specifically for each individual clients in order to address all needs and maximize treatment effectiveness. Prior to admission to any of our programs we will ask you to complete a simple psychological assessment that will help our therapist team to create a program specific to your needs.

Trafalgar West Addiction Treatment Program

At Trafalgar West we offer mental health intensive programming that is most suitable for those struggling with severe underlying, psychological issues fuelling the addiction such as: trauma, chronic/severe depression, or anxiety.

Skills Groups

  • Goal Setting
  • Co-Dependency
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Spirituality “Finding Meaning”
  • Mindfulness Relapse Prevention
  • Social Anxiety

Process Groups

  • Sharing Thoughts and Emotions

Physical Wellness

  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

Group Recreation

  • Skills Groups
  • AA Meeting or Group Recreation
  • NA Meeting or Group Recreation

Our counsellors and therapists provide care that meets standards ob best practises and focuses on each client personally – ensuring our clients are equipped with the tools needed to secure the best possible prospects of recovery.

Trafalgar East Addiction Treatment Program

Trafalgar East offers a dynamic, effective approach to residential addiction treatment. Trafalgar East clients leave the residence daily for off-site treatment and programming at our discreet campus in Port Hope. Commute to East’s campus is an important component of the treatment as it helps to identify how effective the treatment was for individual and helps to adjust for real-world environment and triggers.

Skills Groups

  • Social Anxiety
  • Co-Dependency
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Finding Meaning and Spirituality
  • Mindfulness Relapse Prevention
  • Goal Setting

Addiction Group

  • Depending on substance that was abused

Physical Wellness

  • Yoga
  • Fitness
  • Art Therapy

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Prior to admission to any of our programs we will ask you to complete a simple psychological assessment that will help our therapist team to create a program specific to your timetable & needs.

Outpatient addiction treatment program is designed for effective addiction treatment while accommodating personal needs of client such as: work, college/university, etc.

Monday though Friday client will receive treatment at our Outpatient clinic located in midtown Toronto, Ontario. Our outpatient treatment programs include a large variety of treatment options and to help you make the right decision prior to treatment you will be asked to complete a Comprehensive Psychological Assessment to better identify what will you need for successful recovery.

Skills Group Sessions

  • Managing Intense Emotions
  • Co-Dependency
  • Anxiety
  • Effective Communication
  • CBT Based Relapse Prevention

Process Group Sessions

  • Sharing Thoughts and Emotions

Specialized Group Sessions

  • CBT For Substance Abuse
  • PTSD For Veterans
  • CBT For Depression
  • Structured Relapse Prevention

Addiction Aftercare & ContinUcare

Addiction treatment does not stop after you graduate from any of Trafalgar’s Centres. We are dedicated towards 100% recovery from addiction for each of our client which is why we offer Aftercare and ContinUcare to support our clients recovery process after graduating from our programs. Aftercare helps minimize chances of relapse post-treatment, while ContinUcare is focused to prevent any possible chances of relapse by connecting client to Trafalgar’s therapists to identify and address any concern before they escalate into serious problem.

Addiction Aftercare

Treatment does not stop when you graduate from residential or outpatient program. Some may think that if they have competed residential or outpatient treatment the treatment is over but it’s not.

At Trafalgar we value recovery of our clients above all and that is why our leading therapists have designed a unique Aftercare program that will assist our graduates after completion. Aftercare program is designed to minimize chance of relapse after completing residential or outpatient treatment and helps our clients to maximize effectiveness of the skills and tools learnt at our rehab centres.

Addiction ContinUcare

Exclusive to Trafalgar ContinUcare is a great addition to our aftercare services as it provides great tool to keep our graduates with reinforcement, motivation and peer support.

ContinUcare is a service designed for therapists to connect with their clients post-treatment and keep working towards full recovery. Our Trafalgar team will be monitoring progress of graduate clients and potentially identify and connect with client to address areas of concern prior to any possible relapse.

Basically it’s like having your own pocket therapist accessible within just a few swipes on your phone!