Partner Support Therapy (PST) is available at no extra cost to partners (spouses, partners, parents, siblings, children) while their loved one is in our residential care.

Addiction rarely affects only the addicted person. In most cases, those closest to them are severely impacted by that person’s addiction. As a partner of an addicted person, you require support in coping with the emotional damage you have endured. However, the needs of partners are not always addressed when confronting addiction. Unlike family therapy, which treats the addicted person alongside their loved ones, PST sessions focus exclusively on your own emotional and mental well-being.

Essential Support

As well as coping with the emotional and psychological pain of seeing a loved one struggle, those close to an addicted person will often prioritize that person’s well-being above their own. They may invest much of their time and energy into supporting them and repairing damage caused by their addictive behaviour. Ultimately, this results in a codependent relationship that is damaging to both parties.

PST provides those close to an addicted person with healthy, progressive tools for healing and coping with their loved one’s addiction. Individual PST sessions are available to the loved ones of Trafalgar’s residential clients on a weekly basis during treatment. Partner Support Therapy is Offered at No Additional Cost.

As a partner, you will be assigned one of our highly-qualified therapists for one scheduled face-to-face therapy session each week while your loved one is in our residential care. Sessions take place at our midtown Toronto location. Alternatively, therapy sessions can take place by phone or through a secure online platform.

What Partners Can Expect From PST

  • Help in healing the emotional trauma, anxiety, guilt, anger, fear and resentment caused by your loved one’s addiction and concurrent mental health issues.
  • Gain a true perspective on and understanding of addiction.
  • Become more aware of and responsive to the challenges encountered by your loved one during the recovery process.
  • Identify ways to actively contribute to your loved one’s recovery.
  • Strengthen relationships, re-establish trust and build better communication.

Compassion & Understanding

We understand the emotional and psychological challenges of coping with a loved one’s addiction. Partner Support Therapy works to turn the pain and anger caused by addiction into compassion and understanding. If someone close to you is in treatment with us, this program will offer you vital support. It will help you to develop new, progressive forms of communication between you and your loved one.

With our support, you can be a powerful resource for your loved one as they work towards recovery. Partner Support Therapy will prepare you to support your addicted loved one while taking care of yourself.

If you have any questions about Trafalgar’s Partner Support Therapy, contact us today.

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Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.