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Internet Addiction Treatment Watch Video

Cutting-edge, evidence-based, holistic internet addiction treatment. Personalized & effective programs for residential and outpatient treatment.

Internet Addiction Treatment

We understand the effect internet addiction can have on impulse control. It can correlate with, or lead to, other behavioural addictions such as gambling addiction, despite the fact that neither of these addictions involves the use of substances. Users can develop an unrealistic emotional attachment to people they meet online and activities they create on their computers through games or websites, and despite the fact that this can be socially acceptable in regulated sessions, it is a very severe condition that can affect the lives of users and their families.

Comprehensive Internet Addiction Approach

Our staff will work hard to determine the severity of your internet addiction and establish the best treatment options for you. Once Internet addiction reaches a point where it takes over your life, abstinence is the only effective solution. Luckily, there are many internet addiction treatment options. The tailored therapy techniques of Trafalgar will effectively put you on the path to recovery.

Upon determining your needs we will help you choose the most suitable Trafalgar facility and treatment program