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Internet Addiction Treatment

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Cutting-edge, evidence-based, holistic Internet Addiction Treatment. Personalized effective programs for residential, outpatient and telehealth treatment.

internet addiction treatment

Comprehensive Internet Addiction Approach

Our staff will work hard to determine the severity of your Internet addiction and establish the best treatment options for you.

Once Internet addiction reaches a point where it takes over your life, abstinence is the only effective solution.

Luckily, there are many Internet addiction treatment options. The tailored therapy techniques of Trafalgar will effectively put you on the path to recovery.

Internet Addiction Treatment

We understand the effect Internet addiction can have on impulse control. It can correlate with, or lead to, other behavioural addictions such as gambling addiction, despite the fact that neither of these addictions involves the use of substances.

Users can develop an unrealistic emotional attachment to people they meet online and activities they create on their computers through games or websites, and despite the fact that this can be socially acceptable in regulated sessions, it is a very severe condition that can affect the lives of users and their families.

The smartphone has become a staple of modern life, but it may be doing more harm than good. Studies show that the use of smartphones in social settings can interfere with making meaningful connections and lead to feelings loneliness as well!

Not only does excessive social media distort reality (as truth becomes less clear due do scrolling), but also decrease their chances at happiness – and for some people depression might even set in soon after using one too much.

The farther away from ourselves we move on social media sites like Instagram or Facebook – where individuals are always looking into someone else’s life rather then living theirs – the harder it is to make human connections.

Internet Addiction & Social Media Addiction Treatment Options in Toronto and Ontario

Either in residential, outpatient or virtual programs, you will receive a personalized internet addiction disorder treatment specific to your personal needs. We also treat the addiction along with the underlying mental health issues (which are called concurrent disorders).

Before admission to our rehab centres, you will be asked to complete an intake form that our senior therapeutic staff will use as a foundation for creating your individualized treatment program.

Residential Internet Addiction Rehab in Erin, Ontario

While in residential treatment at Trafalgar, you will be working with industry-leading addiction treatment professionals and certified addiction counsellors that provide intensive care and support on your journey to long term sobriety.

At our Residential Treatment Centre we offer the most comprehensive, dynamic and effective residential internet addiction treatment you can find in Canada.

Outpatient Internet Rehab in Toronto

Our comprehensive outpatient programs in Toronto offer 4 or 6 weeks of intensive treatment and recovery from the Internet addiction.​​

Clients can also select specific elements of the program and book as many sessions as they choose.​​

Skills and Process Groups are offered at set times during the week. Individual therapy can be arranged to suit the client’s needs and can also be exchanged for couples or therapy for family members.​​

Virtual Internet Addiction Treatment

If the Intensive Outpatient Program does not fit into your schedule, or if you need to focus on a specific area of concern, we will tailor our Internet and Social Media Addiction program for you based on your schedule, needs, and budget.

You can also enrol in our Virtual Programs and still receive a comprehensive and structured treatment. The best part of our secure, end-to-end encrypted platform is that it allows you to start your recovery journey in the comfort of your home.

Upon determining your needs, we will help you choose the most suitable Trafalgar facility and treatment program.

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Internet Addiction Treatment

Consult with a professional now to learn how we can help you or your loved one.

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