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Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Once known as manic-depressive disorder, bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that sends the afflicted through a rollercoaster of emotions from intense, manic highs to abrupt, depressive lows.

Bipolar disorder causes severe mood swings that change from a high state (mania) to a low state (depression). While cycling through these two periods, those who suffer from bipolar disorder may stay in a mood called “well state” in which they feel and function normally.

Even though everyone feels emotional up and downs in their life, people with bipolar disorder experience these changes more severe and intense, like a rollercoaster effect.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is hard to diagnose, but one should always look for warning signs. Mood disorders are determinant, but there are other factors to consider like medical and family history, feelings and thoughts.

When the mood takes on a manic phase, the person can feel euphoric and highly energetic.

During the manic phase:

  • They have more energy for activities
  • They don’t want to sleep
  • They have a high level of self-esteem
  • They believe they can accomplish anything
  • They tend to talk more
  • They likely to put themselves in jeopardy.
  • They are easily distracted and cannot focus.

During the depressive episode of Bipolar Disorder

The disorder causes immense feelings of sadness at times that can make a person feel hopeless or cause them to lose interest in most day-to-day activities.

  • They feel less energetic
  • They show less interest in their favourite daily activities.
  • They are more silent.
  • They gain or lose weight with ease.
  • They think about self-harm or suicide.

The swift change between mania and depression can affect a person’s life negatively and ruin their relationships with family members and friends.

Dealing with someone with bipolar can be tiring for a partner or spouse as well.

Treating bipolar can stabilize a person’s mood in the long term, and it increases the overall quality of personal and professional life.

Treatment for Severe Bipolar Disorder

Even though the real causes of bipolar disorder are still unknown, it is treatable.

Bipolar disorder is an all-encompassing and profoundly disruptive long-term condition. Fortunately, treatment can work if a plan is followed with dedication. In most cases, bipolar disorder can be treated effectively with a combination of medications and psychotherapy.

Our experienced team at Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres understands the unpredictable, highly personal nature of this disorder, and we are here to help.
Through the use of highly effective mental health treatments, we aim to help stabilize your condition while ensuring you are treated wholly and comprehensively.

Personalized care is essential to effective recovery. Our lifelong aftercare programming also helps you stay on track after your graduation from our Bipolar Disorder treatment.

Through the use of traditional psychological methods such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) in an individual or group setting, we will identify what treatments work best for you and help you regain control of your life.

We offer different types of treatment at our outpatient clinic, residential facility or through our virtual treatment platform.

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