Family Addiction Therapy:

Therapy For Family Members of Addicts

Addiction is a family disease. Living with an addict can impact all members of the household. At Trafalgar, therapy for family members of addicts is an important component of our rehabilitation programming.

Group Therapy for Family Members of Addicts

The physical and mental harm an addict inflicts on themselves is readily evident. However, it is also very important to take into consideration how the addiction impacts the family as a whole.

Families play a complex role in the treatment of an addict. In fact, they are vital to the treatment process.

Family and loved ones might be concerned about the family member struggling with addiction, but they also have their own issues and are faced with coping with the consequences of addiction-related behaviour.

Family therapy improves the effectiveness of treatment for both the client and the family members struggling with addiction.

The Aim of Family Therapy

We provide individual therapy and group therapy for those who struggle with addiction.

In addition to the achievement of sobriety and a restoration of health, one of our primary goals is to begin to heal and strengthen the family bond of our clients– Our aim is to turn resentment and anger into love and understanding through Family Therapy.

Therapy for family of addicts is available at our Residential Locations in Ontario, at our Outpatient Clinic located in Toronto and in our Virtual Addiction Rehab program.

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Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.