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Inhalants are inhalable chemical vapours or gases that produce mild to intense psychoactive, mind-altering effects when abused or misused.

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Inhalable Products May Become Adddictive

They are of particularly high risk to children and young adults and include solvents, art or office supplies, gases, propellants and medical anesthetic gases such as nitrous oxide.

Most people do not think of inhalable products as addictive drugs, because these consumer products were never created to be abused and people tend to heed the warnings printed on the product labels.

However, they contain highly toxic chemicals, the inhalation of which can lead to addictions similar to opioid addiction. Other abused consumer products may include nose inhalers and essential oils.

Inhalants Addiction Treatment at Trafalgar

At Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres, we utilize the latest trends in psychology and addiction treatment to provide addiction rehab programs for difficult and unique drugs such as inhalants.

Where other rehabilitation centres fail to provide comprehensive treatment options, we use the latest techniques from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy and humanistic approaches to treat the whole person and modify treatment based on individual needs.

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Dr. Christine Courbasson

Clinical Psychologist & Senior Clinical Advisor

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Nathaniel Israel, MA, RP

Clinical Director, Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program

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Kinga Burjan, MA, RP

Clinical Director, Virtual Integrated Programming

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Inhalants Drugs Abuse Treatment

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