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Locations of Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres

Trafalgar Residential Rehab Centre

Guelph, Ontario

Address: 5483 Trafalgar Road North Erin, ON
Call Us: +1 855-896-77-20

Trafalgar West Rehab Centre features personalized inpatient treatment programs for those suffering from substance abuse or behavioural addiction. The programs at Trafalgar West aim to help clients address their addiction, and also identify the underlying causes. Treatment at Trafalgar’s facility in Erin, Ontario starts with a minimum of 30-day commitment, and could be extended if necessary.

Trafalgar Outpatient

Toronto, Ontario

Address: 124 Merton Street #305 Toronto, ON
Call Us: +1 855-972-9760

Trafalgar offers outpatient addiction counselling services and personalized addiction counselling programs in our midtown Toronto centre. Trafalgar Outpatient is a great for those who are capable of functioning in their daily lives, but struggle with addiction problems and would like to address them.

Trafalgar Teleheath Platform

At Home

Call Us: +1 855-972-9760

Trafalgar offers Virtual Addiction Treatment Program and personalized addiction teletherapy sessions through a secure, end-to-end encrypted telehealth platform. Trafalgar Online Treatment options are great for those who want more flexibility in their busy lives.

A woman is happy to receive Virtual Addiction Treatment at home.