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Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres


The Most Effective Alcohol & Drug Rehab in Toronto and Ontario.

Start your recovery journey with:

Virtual Treatment Program you can access from the comfort of your home, or…

Our Residential Program.

Inpatient and Virtual Outpatient Rehab Programs for substance and behavioural addiction.

Our holistic approach aims to identify and address concurrent issues, the underlying causes that are fuelling the addiction.

All program elements listed below are provided:

  • Psychiatry Consultation

    Psychiatry Consultation

    Psychiatric Assessment for your individualized treatment.

  • Withdrawal Management

    Withdrawal Management

    The withdrawal process is administered by Ontario licensed physicians.

  • Individual Therapy

    Individual Therapy

    3 Individual Therapy sessions PER WEEK, twice with a Psychotherapist and once with their Addictions Counsellor.

  • Addiction Counselling (24/7 and Unlimited Access)

    Addiction Counselling

    Access to registered Addiction Counsellors for support and mentoring.

  • Nursing


    Nurses for medication management and medical support.

  • Group Therapy

    Specialized Therapy Groups

    Skill Building & Specialized Therapy Groups for developing the skill set required to address social and coping challenges common to most people struggling with addiction.

  • EMDR / Trauma Therapy

    Trauma-informed Therapists

    Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), EMDR and other approaches are incorporated into individual therapy sessions, when applicable.

  • Family / Couples Therapy

    Family Communication Sessions

    Therapy for family members is an important component of our rehabilitation programming.

  • Partner Support Therapy

    Partner Support Therapy

    Focusing exclusively on partners, spouses, parents, siblings & children’s own emotional and mental well-being. Administered face-to-face, by phone or secure online platform. PST is available while your loved one is in treatment.

  • Post Treatment Care

    Post Treatment Care

    Continuation of Care: Biweekly or monthly scheduled call sessions with an addiction counsellor on a scheduled basis upon graduation.

  • Lifetime Aftercare


    Weekly aftercare group sessions are available at our Residential Facility or Virtual platform.

  • Family and Friends Support Group

    Family and Friends Support Group

    Weekly support group sessions for family and friends are available.

Compare Accurately

Programming among various Addiction Treatment providers varies greatly.

Before choosing a treatment provider, understand the clinical differences in programming.
For example, we provide 3 individual therapy sessions PER WEEK.

đź’ˇ Receiving therapy from a therapist is significantly different than a session with an addiction counsellor.
Ask for program specifics and confirmation in writing.

  • Traditional Aftercare Groups icon.

    The Difference Between a Therapist and an Addiction Counsellor

    What distinguishes their roles is the difference in education, training, experience and professional accountability.
    A therapist enables you to tackle deep trauma and unresolved issues that fuel your addiction.
    A counsellor helps you to manage unhealthy behaviours during your recovery process with healthy habits on a daily/weekly basis.

What We Treat

We offer inpatient and outpatient addiction rehab in Ontario and home-based (virtual) treatment all across Canada.

What Our Clients Say?


“If you are looking for a well rounded approach to addiction recovery, this is the place!”

Randy H.

“Trafalgar has done amazing things for myself. Give it your best and the results are tremendous.”

Paul A.

“Amazing place. Highly recommend to anyone looking to make a change.”

Nadia M.

“I don’t look at my time at Trafalgar as being in ‘rehab’. I look at it as a ‘self-discovery retreat’.”

Inpatient, Outpatient and Virtual Rehab Options

Residential Treatment

We offer 30, 45, 60 and 90-day Residential Addiction Treatment programs at our rehab centre in Ontario, with extended stays available.

Virtual Rehab

We offer Virtual Addiction Rehab Program through an online, secure platform for those who want to get treatment in the comfort of their homes, at their convenience.

We provide our online rehab service not only in Ontario but also in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and the rest of Canada.

Outpatient Counselling

We provide intensive Outpatient Treatment & Counselling at our midtown Toronto addiction centre, which makes rehab more accessible for those seeking an alternative to residential treatment.

Residential Centre in Ontario

A private addiction rehab centre just located outside of Guelph, Ontario.
It offers intensive, evidence-based treatment programs for substance and behavioural addictions in conjunction with mental health issues.


Virtual Addiction Treatment

Virtual Addiction Treatment offers you a comprehensive program through a secure telehealth platform in the comfort at your home.
This online program is available all across Canada.


Outpatient Centre in Toronto

Outpatient Counselling Centre in Toronto, Ontario.
It offers an innovative and affordable recovery program for those seeking an alternative to residential treatment.


Our Programs

Evidence-Based Treatment

Trafalgar’s addiction recovery treatment is evidence-based and client-centred. This means that we use methods which have proven effective in treating addiction and mental health disorders.

These methods are adaptable to the needs of individual clients. Our addiction treatment programs allow clients to identify and address the underlying causes of addiction.

With the support of our highly-qualified clinical staff, clients develop progressive coping mechanisms in place of addictive behaviour.

Personalized Treatment Programs

We design each client’s program to meet their individual needs. Clients are provided with a psychological evaluation in order to establish a suitable addiction treatment strategy.

At the end of treatment, clients are also given a comprehensive, individualized discharge plan to support them through the transition from structured treatment.

As well as our individualized treatment for clients, we offer Partner Support Therapy and Family Therapy for those close to our clients at no additional cost.


We offer the same high standard of evidence-based addiction treatment at all of our centres. We treat addiction alongside underlying mental health disorders, ensuring that clients are provided with the strongest possible foundation for lasting recovery.



At our Outpatient Treatment Centre in midtown Toronto, we offer intensive four and six-week programs (now offered virtually) which are adaptable to needs of individual clients. We offer this program virtually so you can receive it from the comfort of your home.

The cover picture of the video of Trafalgar team.

Highly Qualified Clinicians

All of Trafalgar’s therapists are members of various colleges and associations and have at least Master’s degrees. They are dedicated, experienced addiction treatment professionals.

Our staff also participates in professional development in order to build their expertise in treating specific issues relating to addiction and mental health.

This helps to ensure that we offer the highest possible standard of evidence-based treatment for concurrent disorders.

Our master’s-level, registered therapists develop and administer treatment programming, provide individual therapy, facilitate specialized group sessions, and create comprehensive resources for physical and mental wellbeing.

Our addiction counsellors, some of whom are in recovery themselves, act as mentors, lead group sessions and provide clients with personal guidance and support in drug and alcohol rehab programs.

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Evidence-Based & Individualized

Evidence-Based & Individualized addiction recovery

Our unique treatment options are more effective than other treatment centres.

3 Individual Therapy Sessions Per Week

Yes, per week. Our clients receive three sessions of individual therapy each week with our highly-qualified therapists. This is an important factor to consider when comparing alcohol & drug rehab centres in Toronto and Ontario.

Focusing on Concurrent Disorders

At Trafalgar, we treat the whole person, not just their addiction. Our evidence-based treatment ensures that we address underlying mental health issues alongside addiction, treating them as concurrent disorders.

As a result of the mental health focus of our treatment, our programs are HST-exempt.

CARF Accreditation

Trafalgar is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. CARF is the international mark of excellence in addiction treatment.

Pain Management

We offer a group program to those with chronic pain.

Clinical Expertise

Our treatment program is structured and overseen by our Senior Clinical Advisor, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Christine Courbasson. Dr. Courbasson is one of the most esteemed figures in Canadian addiction treatment.

Our clinicians are qualified to at least Master’s level. They are members of various professional colleges and associations.

PTSD Treatment

We provide specialized treatment for specific demographics and offer programs dedicated to treating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) with concurrent addiction.

Comprehensive Aftercare

Comprehensive Aftercare

Recovery is a lifelong process. We offer comprehensive and multifaced Aftercare to you or your loved one.

Aftercare Addiction Therapy

Completing an addiction rehab is a great achievement, but it is only the first step of your recovery journey.

Aftercare is very important to avoid any relapse. We offer aftercare support in our residential facility or through our virtual platform.

Participation in Aftercare Groups is a chance to interact with other clients who also struggle with addiction, practice social skills and identify relapse triggers.


ContinUcare is exclusive to Trafalgar.

It is a highly effective, empirically and clinically-based system, supported by technology. Requiring little time or effort on the part of the client, it is an advanced complement to traditional Aftercare.

It helps us monitor your recovery progress and identify any potential problems that may lead to relapse. It is like having your care team constantly watching out for you and there to provide help if needed.

Continuation of Care

The transition from treatment into ordinary life is challenging. The first two months after structured treatment counselling are often the most difficult.

Our Continuation of Care program provides you with expert counselling support, starting on the next day of the discharge from our care. Continuation of Care is a valuable complement to our Aftercare and ContinUcare programs and sets Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre’s programs apart.

Partner & Family Support

Partner & Family Support

We understand the emotional and psychological challenges of coping with a loved one’s addiction.

Partner Support Therapy (PST)

If someone close to you is in treatment with us, this program will offer you vital support.

Scheduled face-to-face, individual PST sessions are available to the loved ones of Trafalgar’s clients on a weekly basis during the treatment.

Partner Support Therapy (PST) is available at no extra cost to partners.

Family Communication / Family Addiction Therapy

Family and loved ones might be concerned about the family member’s struggle with addiction.

Family Communication Support improves the effectiveness of treatment for both the family members and the client struggling with addiction.


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Read the reviews to see why Trafalgar is one of the best alcohol and drug rehabs in Toronto, Ontario.


“An amazing place where the staff are super friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. I feel blessed to have had this experience. The food is amazing as well. Many counselling sessions per week. I have learned so much and am so grateful for my experience here. Thank you to everyone who helped me on my journey at Trafalgar!! Best wishes to you all.”


“Trafalgar has done amazing things for myself. Give it your best and the results are tremendous. Everything about Trafalgar is the best of the best. I’ve been to a few others throughout my life. My experience here was exactly what I needed for my recovery. Trust the process and give it your best. You deserve it. Thank you to all staff and the wonderful friends I’ve made here.”


“Amazing place. Highly recommend to anyone looking to make a change. Whether it’s mental health or addiction problems you won’t find better staff or a better drug rehab facility in Ontario.”


“I was 39 years old and going through what some would call a ‘mid-life crisis’.

Separated from my husband of 15 years, engaged again, a single mom and an artist struggling to figure out finances and find myself… I turned HARD to the bottle to help me escape the realities of life.

I was a workaholic. An over achiever. Someone who never said “no” and took on way more than I could possibly handle. I liked to “fix” people without realizing I needed fixing too. I moved through life like a force, never letting anything stop me.

Until I got a DUI and almost had my daughter taken away from me.

Well that was that. I had hit my version of rock bottom and due to several family, friends and police interventions, wound up finding Trafalgar Residence. Despite my family wanting me to be closer to them, I went to visit Trafalgar and knew the second I drove down the driveway that this was the place for me.

I had researched several rehabilitation facilities, but the cold, concrete jungle and big city views I was seeing online made me cringe. I wanted to go to a place I could TRULY rehabilitate. I wanted trees. Fresh air. Quiet. Greenery. Peacefulness. Healthy food choices and exercise. And that’s what Trafalgar offered.

Even though I knew everyone around me was concerned, this was going to be on MY terms. I was going to re-gain control of MY life. I registered and paid for the cost of the rehab all by myself… And it is not cheap. But? A better investment than the thousands I was pouring into the LCBO and it was proof of my commitment to MYSELF to get better. I stayed at Trafalgar for the 30-day program and quite frankly (apart from the being away from my daughter and fiancé) could have moved in.

My therapist, Jody, was the perfect match for me. We really connected on a human level, and she made me understand that my addiction wasn’t like some people’s… I didn’t experience trauma and then addiction, my addiction created trauma. She met with my daughter and I in a family session and helped her feel comfortable with mommy’s new journey.

It was a beautiful setting, actually. The three of us sat out in the gazebo, and my daughter was free to get up and walk around or play with a ball when she felt uncomfortable. She opened up to Jody without being forced to say anything at all and wound up leaving me with some very impactful things my heart will always remember.

The staff all treated me with respect and they really do look at you on a case-by-case situation when it comes to the liberties you have there. Granted, there are blanket rules put in place for a reason, but I guarantee you… Whatever effort and energy you put in – you will get out.

I never pictured my life sober… I always thought I’d just cool it for a while and then go back to drinking socially, but I know more about my capabilities now.

I had a few months of follow up conversations with Frank which were nice. We chatted life and any triggers or struggles I may have been encountering. I had a lot going on between custody and financial battles with my ex, CAS involvement, moving/selling my house, starting school, back pain… He made sure I stayed on the right track.

I’m 7 months sober, back in school and working on a new career to provide for myself and my daughter. I definitely have hard days, but ultimately, have been given the tools to stay strong through it all.

I wish everyone had the opportunity to take 30 days out of life to focus on themselves and re-evaluate their life priorities. I don’t look at my time at Trafalgar as being in ‘rehab’… I look at it as a ‘self-discovery retreat’. I have found my love for myself and passion for life again without a vice. (Well… Coffee. Maybe coffee is my new vice!)”

đź’ˇ Read other reviews to see why Trafalgar is the number one choice for those searching for Ontario addiction treatment centres.


The cover picture of the video of Trafalgar Residential Rehab.

Learn how Trafalgar has made a difference in the lives of clients with alcohol and drug treatment programs in Ontario.

Professional Residential Drug Treatment in Ontario

Take a virtual tour of Trafalgar Residence West, our residential rehabilitation centre in Guelph, Ontario.


Watch Cara as she talks about her experience with Trafalgar’s recovery programs.

  • 3 sessions per week icon

    All clients receive three sessions per week with a Master’s level registered therapist.

  • Accreditation by CARF icon

    Trafalgar is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

  • Therapy methods icon

    Receive Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy and innovative EMDR therapy.

  • Family Therapy support icon

    Our Partner Support Therapy (PST) and Family Communication for the loved ones, not only the client.

  • Lifelong Aftercare icon.

    We offer Continuation of Care, ContinUCare and Aftercare.

  • Psychiatry consult icon

    Psychiatry consult available to all clients.


Our care does not end once a client completes the intensive phase of treatment at Trafalgar. Our unrivalled aftercare offerings, Weekly Aftercare Groups, Continuation of Care and ContinUCare provide clients with on going counselling and support.



Alcohol or drug addiction rarely affects only the addicted person. Our Partner Support Therapy and Family Communication (provides similar benefits of Family Therapy) programs offer support for those close to our clients.


Local Heroes Featured On Radio Shows

Our Local Heroes Support Program provides 30-day intensive residential treatment for First Responders suffering from addiction and mental health issues at no cost.

Shane Saltzman, the former CEO of Trafalgar, was a guest on The Weekend Morning Show with Dave Trafford to discuss the mental health issues that many First Responders face.
Listen to the show here.

Scott Jones (Director of Community Partnerships) and Kinga Burjan (Director of Professional and Clinical Development) were a guest on Frontline Forward Radio (FM 98.5 CKWR) to discuss PTSD related issues First Responders deal with.
Listen to the show here.

Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.