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Trafalgar Residential Facility in Erin, Ontario

West Rehab Centre


Trafalgar Addiction Residential Centres
5483 Trafalgar Rd N, Erin, ON N0B 1T0
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To learn more about inpatient addiction treatment, visit our Residential Rehab Program page.

Explore Our Residential Facility

A photo of the Trafalgar Residential Facility.

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres’ Residential rehab provides addiction treatment, along with mental health intensive programming for those struggling with psychological issues or concurrent disorders.

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Our addiction rehab centre in Erin, Ontario is nestled on 13 acres of wooded property, just west of Toronto, and is ideally situated for maximum comfort and confidentiality.

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The breathtaking view and pure country atmosphere make this the perfect retreat for those seeking recovery from a drug addiction or alcohol problem, or any other type of addiction combined with mental health issues. Trafalgar Inpatient Rehab centre provides a safe, secure and intimate environment, conducive to the journey of recovery and wellness.

A photo of the Trafalgar Residential Facility's grand foyer.

At Trafalgar Residential Centre, each client receives a personalized addiction treatment program designed specifically to address their specific addiction and mental health issues. Treatment for addiction at Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres is aimed for a lifelong recovery.

Trafalgar Residential Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment Program

At Trafalgar West, we offer the most comprehensive and effective addiction treatment and mental health program in Ontario and Canada. We treat the addiction along with the underlying mental health issues. Receiving treatment at our West rehab centre is suitable for those struggling with concurrent mental health disorders. Trafalgar West Addiction Treatment Centre specializes in effective treatment of addiction and concurrent health disorders in Ontario.

Our team of compassionate and highly skilled therapists and counsellors embrace the most cutting-edge, evidence-based addiction treatment methods available today.

Our staff provides care that meets standards of best practice and focusses on each client personally, ensuring they are equipped with the tools needed to secure a lifelong recovery from addiction.

We offer an extensive addiction treatment approach to alcohol and drug addiction recovery, and behavioural addictions such as internet and sex addiction. Our qualified therapists and counsellors also address and treat concurrent mental health disorders such as depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder and borderline personality disorder.

Addiction Treatment consists of:


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