Our Continuation of Care program is a unique and innovative offering which ensures that our support for our clients continues after structured programming is complete.

Addiction Treatment after Client Graduates

Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process, and therefore support should not stop at the end of a treatment program. The transition from treatment back into ordinary life is challenging, and it is important to have professional support during the process. The first two months after structured treatment counselling are often the most difficult. However, as a person progresses through this phase, they will develop a larger reference point for sober living, and increasingly strong incentives to maintain their recovery.

Our Continuation of Care program provides clients with continued expert counselling support at no additional cost. Continuation of Care is a valuable complement to our Aftercare and ContinUcare programs, and sets Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre’s programs apart.

How It Works

During residential or intensive outpatient treatment, clients will meet and get to know our Continuation of Care Program Manager. This will allow the client to establish a relationship while still participating in our structured residential or outpatient treatment. Once discharged from our care, clients will receive a call from the Program Manager within 24 hours, or on the next business day. Counselling calls enable clients to discuss their transition from treatment and the early challenges of recovery. They can also reflect on their treatment and the skills they have developed.

After this first call, clients will then schedule a 45-minute call with the Program Manager during the first week after discharge. Addiction counselling calls will continue each week for a period of two months. Clients can arrange calls to suit their schedules within regular business hours. These counselling calls will provide an excellent way of tracking progress and discussing any issues that may arise.

Continuation of Care Process

With the Program Manager, clients will review ContinUcare results and discuss any resources that may be helpful to their recovery. Clients can also call at any time during regular business hours if they need support or advice. An external perspective from someone who understands the challenges of recovery can be hugely valuable in identifying issues that the client themselves may not.

Continuation of Care counselling is a powerful addition to Trafalgar’s programming. We look forward to seeing it benefit our clients as they continue their recovery from addiction. The program will ensure that we maintain our deep commitment to our clients beyond initial treatment and will form an important part of their support network.

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Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.

Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.