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We are honoured you’ve considered us as an addiction treatment provider and will go to great lengths to ensure that your time with us is as effective as possible.

For individuals and families who are affected by addiction, Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres provides a foundation for helping clients transform their lives and becoming better versions of themselves.

We understand the struggles you’ve endured and the pain your family has gone through, and we will do whatever it takes to get you back on track. Our comprehensive treatment programs follow a highly effective philosophy that focuses on client-centred care above all else. Our unique treatment options are more effective than other treatment centres. Each of our 3 centres have their own distinct treatment programs in order to facilitate different levels of treatment intensity, yet all adhere to our guiding principle of providing a holistic, comprehensive treatment protocol.

  • At our Erin residence we offer an intensive addiction and mental health program that is most suitable for those struggling with underlying, psychological issues fuelling the addiction problem; such as: trauma, chronic/severe depression, or anxiety.
  • Programming at our Rice Lake residence is ideal for those that are more psychologically stable but in need of confronting their addiction issues specifically.
  • Trafalgar Outpatient Addiction Treatment Centre offers treatment for addiction and concurrent mental health disorders; based on a client’s needs, schedule and budget.

Our admissions advisors will help you select the most suitable Trafalgar facility and treatment program for your needs.

Be wary of addiction treatment centres that promote “guarantees”. No one can guarantee recovery. What makes us one of the leading Canadian treatment centres is the fact that we provide a solid foundation for recovery and are there to support clients if they encounter problems once they leave our care.

Our dedicated team of therapists will provide a comprehensive and unparalleled treatment program that will also help you:

  • Take ownership of your addiction and become responsible for your own behaviour, allowing you to accept your recovery and move forward as a more confident and stronger person
  • Reconnect and fortify relationships with your loved ones, while providing you with the skills to develop meaningful relationships with others as you continue your recovery
  • Regain control over your life and foster the ability to make adaptive decisions throughout your recovery regarding your life and the lives of your loved ones
  • Redeem your status as an upstanding and productive member of society, while ensuring your continued stability and recovery focus long-term


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