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Angela Hall

Operations Manager, Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

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Angela Hall is the Operations Manager at Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre and Neworld Medical Detox. She is a compassionate individual with a unique blend of experience in mental health, hospitality management, and business administration. With a passion for helping others and a deep understanding of mental health, Angela has dedicated her career to creating positive change in the lives of others.

Angela has a successful background in hospitality management, working for a 5-star luxury hotel brand and business administration, where she worked closely with the executive leadership team to development programming for an organization that supports individuals experiencing homeless.

Her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to creating safe spaces for women in recovery led her to collaborate with others and open a women-only sober living house. This unique living environment provided a supportive community and structure for women on their journey to sobriety, promoting healing, growth, and connection.

With a strong background in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Angela has honed her skills in providing support in the development and implementation of DBT skills group therapy. Her empathetic and non-judgmental approach helps clients develop the skills they need to navigate life’s challenges and develop healthy coping strategies. Additionally, Angela also oversees the team of Resident Service Agents and Intake Coordinators, which ensure that client’s foundational needs are not only met but exceed right from day one.

Angela is known for her genuine care and dedication to helping others thrive in recovery. Her combined experience makes her a compassionate and knowledgeable professional, committed to empowering clients on their path to lasting recovery.

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