How does drug rehab work?

When faced with undue stress, anxiety, or unfortunate circumstance, a common strategy is to reach for your substance of choice.

Unfortunately, habitual and prolonged use can lead to dependence and reliance on substances to cope with everyday stress.

Eventually, our bodies build a tolerance to our substance of choice, leading to diminished feelings of relief and increased cravings.

We begin to need more of our substance of choice just to maintain our normal functioning. Over time, this can cause devastating financial, social, and physiological consequences.

When problematic substance use interferes with our ability to live a fulfilling life, it is has become an addiction.

Thankfully, there are solutions. And one of the best and long-lasting solution is to go to a drug rehab centre.

So, how does drug or alcohol rehab work?

For many residents, simply being away from negative influences can have a positive effect on building new, healthier habits.

There are many drug and alcohol rehabs in Toronto and Ontario. And to be fair and honest, we will answer your question based on our intensive, evidence-based addiction treatment programming.

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres provides an environment conducive to the process of recovery. Our residential treatment centers are designed to help build healthy coping skills and break the cycle of addiction. The professional staff at Trafalgar recognize that the road to recovery is a significant life change unique to every individual. Our knowledgeable counsellors provide 24/7 on-site support and are with you every step of the way.

Limiting Potentially Triggering Stimuli:

At first check-in, we provide you with a locker where you can keep personal items, including any items containing alcohol, sugar, or caffeine, as well as phones or laptops. These specific items are secured to limit potentially triggering stimuli and ensure that the focus of your treatment is on your personal road to recovery.

Individual and Group Counselling:

Individual therapy sessions are provided three times a week and allow you to address personal concerns and confront underlying issues. Our therapists are there to help you deal with past trauma, post-traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, and any other feelings associated with your experience of addiction. They will help you identify potential underlying issues and build healthy coping mechanisms.

Our residential staff provide daily group counselling sessions and have training in active listening and de-escalation strategies. It means that even on your roughest days, we will be there to help you through it.

Our Ontario rehab centres have on-site nurses that help manage your medication and access to medical doctors via webchat.

A Holistic Experience:

More than just rehabilitation, treatment at Trafalgar is a holistic experience that targets all aspects of life and provides respite for the mind, body, and spirit.

The treatment centre has an on-site gym, a recreation center, and a beautiful outdoor property.

We provide an array of books, board games, art supplies, musical instruments, and wholesome activities to help engage healthier coping strategies. Additional quality of life activities like yoga, nature walks, music nights, and family visits are also facilitated.

Most importantly, our on-site chefs provide three delicious and nutritious meals a day. Meals are prepared in our state of the art kitchen, using only the highest quality ingredients. Residents also have access to our refreshment bar, which provides tea, coffee, and refreshments during daytime hours.

Our goal at Trafalgar Residence is to help you build new neural pathways and associate happiness with stimuli that are positive to your well-being.

This question is answered by Addiction Counsellor Isayah Alman, BA Psych., SSW  (Meet Our Team) 
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Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.

Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.