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How to convince someone to go to rehab?


Be gentle. Many times families and friends approach the topic with a great deal of emotions and often, it is perceived as judgmental from the addicted person.
First take into consideration your own emotions, allow yourself to be calm when bringing up the topic of rehab and recognize that the addicted person is likely to feel some sort of intense emotions about going to Rehab. It is scary for the addicted person.
Although difficult, try and validate the emotions of the person and support them by regulating your own emotions.
Telling someone to go to rehab will have poor results. Providing information about the treatment facility will help a great deal. Providing resources to the person about the treatment to alleviate any anxiety that may be occurring, also helps.
Stop thinking you need to “convince” somebody to go to rehab and allow it to be their choice.
Allow them to feel empowered by this process, by answering questions, validating their fears about going and anything else that maybe a barrier for them.
This question is answered by Raymond Moore, ICADC (Meet Our Team)
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Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.