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Why more people are choosing the holidays for rehab.

Why more people are choosing to spend the holidays at an inpatient addiction recovery centre

If you or your loved one are struggling with substance use and addiction, the holiday season can be an extremely difficult time of year. For some people, the constant social pressures, amount of time spent with family and being surrounded by partying and drinking can be overwhelming. It can also be a very lonely time, creating the perfect recipe for addiction to wreak havoc on your physical and mental health. Thankfully, there’s a better option: one that gets you on the path to a new year as a whole new you!

At Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre, we provide a warm, cozy and healing environment for you or your loved one to get the help you need over the holidays. While it might not sound appealing at first, the holiday season is the perfect time to take some time for yourself and start your recovery in a new “home away from home”.

Here are some of the top reasons why starting inpatient addiction treatment at this time of year is actually the best gift you can give yourself!

The holiday decorations at Trafalgar.

1. Avoid Temptation that Makes Addiction Worse

Parties are fun but, when you’re trying to stop drinking or using drugs, they can actually be pretty stressful and, in some cases dangerous. No one wants to say “no” when friends or family invite you over and, once you’re there, no one wants to be a buzzkill either. Any way you look at it, it’s a bad situation for someone dealing with addiction during the holidays.

Often times, it’s better to remove yourself entirely from the increased temptation to use substances at parties and family gatherings. Spending a month or so in a safe and controlled environment that supports your recovery, instead of actively working against you, can be a lifechanger. The spirit of giving doesn’t mean you can’t put your own needs first!

2. Don’t get caught up in family drama

Relationships with family can be hard at the best of times, let alone when you’re snowed in together. When you’re struggling with substance use or other addictive behaviours, it can be even harder. One offside comment from a loved one or hurtful memory brought up at the dinner table is enough to send anyone into a spiral of self-doubt and negative thinking. Even if you love your family deeply, sometimes time spent away is the best way to show you care (and show up for yourself).

The holidays are notorious for creating the perfect opportunity for arguments, toxic interactions and other awkward moments that can be triggering for anyone dealing with addiction. Why put yourself in a situation that doesn’t support your recovery goals?

On top of that, starting inpatient addiction treatment is a great way to make a ton of new friends. Our clients get to know each other, building lifelong friendships. Once you walk through our doors, you’re part of our closeknit family of alumni–and that’s a relationship you can always count on to make you smile!

3. Slow down and focus on yourself

For many people, work slows down over the holiday season. This can be a great time to check out for a while, without risk of falling way behind at the office. If nothing else, the holiday season tends to encourage us to slow down (after the shopping is done), and pay attention to what really matters: our health, wellness and happiness.

If you’ve been waiting for a guilt-free time to take some time off, this could be the perfect opportunity!

4. Enjoy a change of scenery

Sometimes a change of scenery is what’s needed to kick us into “change mode”. Our gorgeous treatment centre is located on 13 acres of woodlands, providing a breathtaking winter wonderland for you to unplug and focus on getting better.

You stay in a well-appointed room, eat good food (without all of the cleanup) and partake in wellness activities that nurture your mind and body.

Enjoy the benefits of being “home for the holidays”, without all of the stress!

A drone view of Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre.

5. Start the New Year as a New You

New Year’s is all about making resolutions, and starting off on your best foot for 2024. For anyone struggling with addiction, there’s no better way to do that than to make a commitment to your recovery.

When you check in to Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre, you’re making a promise to yourself and to your loved ones. Our highly qualified and compassionate staff are here to help you keep that promise, every step of the way.

6. Save some money

Let’s face it: the holidays are expensive. We’re making inpatient addiction treatment a little easier on your bank account.

When you start one of our programs before January 15th, you get our special holiday admission rate. We also offer interest-free financing options for eligible clients. Talk to us about your options!

How to know when you or someone you know needs help

Not sure if inpatient addiction treatment is right for you or your loved one? Here are some things to look out for when deciding if it’s time for professional help:

  • You can’t control your substance use or other harmful behaviours even though it’s hurting your life and those around you.
  • Your relationships with family or friends are suffering.
  • You’re using substances or doing things to cope with anxiety, depression, trauma or other mental health issues.
  • You want to stop, but you can’t. (Spoiler alert: you can do it. You just need some support!)

What makes Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre special?

Trafalgar is conveniently located just west of Toronto, Ontario, on 13 wooded acres of secluded nature. Our well-appointed 24 bed inpatient treatment centre provides the highest possible standard of care in a comfortable home-like setting.

We’re Accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities Canada (CARF): the gold standard of excellence in inpatient addiction treatment. This serves as proof of our commitment to exceed our clients’ expectations at every opportunity.

To ensure clients are mentally and physically prepared to begin their treatment, they receive evaluation and private accommodations at our sister centre, Neworld Medical Detox, for a minimum of 24 hours. An on-site Recovery Coordinator ensures your every need is met during your stay.

Trafalgar and Neworld share a highly-qualified interdisciplinary care team, ensuring seamless continuity of care and eliminating all barriers between client-centred treatment and progression in recovery. Our care model is holistic and personalized, meeting each individual wherever they’re at in their own recovery journey.

Clients work with compassionate registered therapists in both individual and group settings to address the underlying mental health issues that are contributing to their substance use and addictive behaviours. Trafalgar also features a full range of wellness activities supporting holistic recovery, including yoga, fitness training, recreational activities, nutritional support and massage therapy.

Trafalgar is a safe and welcoming space, inclusive of individuals from all backgrounds and beliefs during the holiday season. We acknowledge various cultural traditions and incorporate them into the inpatient program environment to make you feel at home.

After graduating from inpatient treatment, you’ll enjoy ongoing support through our incredible alumni community and aftercare programming, providing continued touchpoints with peers and counsellors.

Trafalgar is offering a limited time Holiday rate! Contact us today to speak to our intake team about available financing options. We look forward to welcoming you into our recovery community!

Can’t get away for the holidays? Connect to recovery from anywhere!

While the holiday season is a great time to start recovery, not everyone is able to put their lives on hold for treatment. We offer the same structured intensive treatment program accessible online, through a secure virtual platform. Virtual treatment has several benefits.

  • The cost of virtual treatment is more affordable than traditional addiction rehab options.
  • There is greater flexibility including part-time programs during the day or evening.
  • You can conveniently access treatment from anywhere with internet, such as from home, abroad, or while visiting relatives.

Recovery is the gift that keeps on giving

If your loved one is struggling with addiction this holiday, you can show you care by speaking with them about inpatient addiction rehab. It can often be too daunting to arrive at the decision to seek treatment alone. By offering to support them, you’re showing you care. Give the help they need, and help them return to their real selves.

Please call us to learn about our programs and services. We’re happy to answer any questions you have and inform you of the available treatment options. You don’t have to figure it out all by yourself – we’re here to help.


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