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Is Sex Addiction Real and How to Treat It

By January 4, 2018 November 2nd, 2018 No Comments
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Sex in our society has changed dramatically over the past two decades, it has become easily accessible in any form that you can imagine.

How Does Sex Addiction Occurs?

Pornography has exploded from magazines, to readily available videos of any sexual act that you can fathom. Affairs and dating, you no longer need to leave your home or take the risk of hitting on your co-worker – you can simply download an app on your phone and find that there is a sexual partner available just 2.3 km away from you.

Causes of Sex Addiction

Even more so for individuals who find themselves feeling lonely, depressed, or increasingly bored of day to day life – an exciting sexual conversation can be an escape for a few moments. So why do some people continue to raise the question of ‘is sex addiction real?’ We do not question if other exciting, stimulating behaviours – such as gambling or shopping can lead to addiction, so why is it that sexual behaviours must be questioned on the legitimacy of whether they can become addictive?

What is Sex Addiction Actually?

Addiction is often a method of escape, whether it be from boredom, depression, or insecurity – a behaviour which allows for a few moments of escape can lead to compulsive use. The question of whether powerful men have used sex addiction as an excuse to escape consequences – of course. In the same manner many individuals who face drinking while driving charges may claim alcohol issues and attend rehab to lessen their consequences – but in these cases, we do not question whether alcohol can be addictive. Sexual addiction is about much more than the physical act of sex. In our individualistic and competitive world many of us struggle with insecurities and sexual relations present a powerful antidote. Sexual behaviours, relationships and experiences can temporarily fulfill the void of our deeply rooted insecurities, making these behaviours very attractive despite the consequences.

What are the Effects of Sex Addiction?

Often individuals with deeply rooted insecurities work their way into highly successful or admired positions, which also temporarily satisfies a boost to one’s ego. The connection between successful, powerful men and sex addiction may not always be genuine, but in many cases, it is authentic as the underlying issue of insecurity is related to both profiles (high status and sex addiction). The question of sex addiction being real or not real, to me is more a question of semantics. Whether you call it sexual compulsivity, unhealthy relationship behaviours, pornography abuse, or sexual addiction – there are many individuals who are struggling.

Sex addiction can be effectively treated at our addiction treatment centers using evidence-based methods and personalized programming to treat both sex addiction and underlying mental health disorders fuelling the addiction.

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Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres

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