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What to Know When Encouraging Someone to go to Rehab

By September 12, 2019 July 9th, 2020 No Comments
Encouraging Someone to Go to Treatment for Addiction

If you want to help someone overcome an addiction, whether it’s a friend, family member or employee, you need to understand what “getting help” actually looks like.

It’s hard enough to confront someone about their problem. And it’s equally hard to navigate the conversation without making them feel defensive or ashamed. But regardless of how to address a loved one with an addiction, it’s critical to arm yourself with the information that will transform rehabilitation from an abstract concept to a concrete plan of action. 

This article exams what you need to know when helping someone overcome an addiction. 

Identify prospective rehab programs

People are aware that programs exist for alcohol addiction in Toronto. There’s AA, there are counselling and rehab centres. But some issues, like video game addiction, are less widely known, and those in need of help may be unaware that help even exists.

If you’re looking to help someone overcome an addiction in Toronto, look into the treatment programs before talking to them. This way you can both assure them that help is available, and enable them to understand what getting assistance looks like. 

Research the locations of rehab centres

Making sure someone knows that help is close to home can make a big difference in the way they view rehab. For example, if you live in Peterborough and tell someone there’s a great place to go in Calgary, that treatment will feel a world away. But if you head online and see there’s an addiction treatment facility in Rice Lake, then the idea of attending actually seems realistic.

Not every community has a top-notch rehab treatment centre, but most will have access to one within a few hours driving distance. If you have a prospective option ready, it can help take a conversation about maybe going to rehab, to planning to attend a specific location for a specific program. 

Help them plan for their time away

When other people have something to deal with it’s easy to take a one-track mind on their behalf. Do they have cocaine addiction? Nothing else matters but going to rehab. But that’s not how it works in reality.

Logistics are important when planning for rehab treatment. How will rehab affect their job? Who will look after their pet while they’re away? Even addressing details like watering the plants can make a difference. When someone truly believes that a stay in rehab is a temporary measure to recover, rather than a life-shattering disruption, they are more likely to be amenable to the idea. 

Look for suitable amenities

A good rehab centre in Toronto will use research-driven programs and amenities to give residents the best possible chance at recovery. But everyone is different, and oftentimes, having intimate knowledge of an individual will allow you to identify the setting in which they’ll thrive.

For example, if an addicted loved one is a sports enthusiast or exercise fanatic, giving them access to gym equipment or tennis courts may aid their recovery. In such a case, it would therefore make sense to look for a facility that provides those options. 

Using your knowledge of the individual will help you understand what might appeal to them, and showing them that rehab is more than an isolated room with intense therapy sessions, can help sell them on the idea of attending. It can also help formulate a positive opinion of the concept, allowing them to engage earnestly with the program, and augment the value they derive from it.

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