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What is the difference between the programs offered at your various locations?

At our West rehab centre, in Guelph, Ontario, we offer 30-day intensive programs, with extensions available. The client-centred, evidence-based program treats clients’ addictions and any concurrent mental health problems.

Programming at our East rehab centre, in Peterborough and Port Hope, Ontario, is ideal for those that require psychological help and addiction treatment, and would benefit from a longer stay in residential treatment. 45-day programs are offered.

Trafalgar addiction counselling centre, in Toronto, Ontario, Addiction Treatment Centre offers treatment for addiction and concurrent mental health disorders, based on a client’s needs, schedule and budget.

How long is the program?

Our residential programs is a minimum of 30 days. We also offer a 45 day residential program at our Trafalgar-East location. Anything beyond that is based on the specific needs of the individual. These needs will be assessed by our clinical team and will be discussed with the client. At our Outpatient Clinic we offer 4-week, structured, intensive programs. If the 4-week program does not fit with your schedule or budget, we will tailor a program specific to you.

Is the drug rehab program covered by OHIP?

No, we are a private facility and therefore our program is fee-for-service. However, select insurance companies do recognize treatment at Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres and provide coverage. Please contact us for details.

Where are your addiction treatment facilities located?

We have two residential addiction treatment facilities located in western and eastern Ontario respectively, as well as an Outpatient Clinic located in midtown Toronto, Ontario.

Does private insurance cover the cost of the addiction treatment program?

Most insurance companies do recognize treatment with us and provide coverage. However, insurance coverage is dependent on the company you deal with and your individual plan. Rest assured we will support you in providing your insurance company with the information required to submit a claim. Please contact us for details.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres accepts credit cards, bank drafts and certified cheques. We also accept payments from Medicard.

How many clients are in inpatient treatment at once?

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres operates two comfortable, homelike residential facilities. At our Erin location we can accommodate up to 23 clients at any given time, whereas at our Rice Lake location we can accommodate up to 30 clients. Our intimate size and setting enables us to provide maximum individual treatment and client care. The entire Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres staff knows each client by name.

Do you provide an outpatient addiction counselling?

Yes, we operate an outpatient treatment centre in midtown Toronto. Our core offering is a 4-week intensive outpatient program. This comprehensive program is a 19-hour per week commitment incorporating all elements essential for recovery.

If the intensive 4-week program does not fit with your personal needs and schedule, we will structure a treatment program specific to you.

Is it a 12-step drug rehab?

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres program is not 12-step based. We do however provide clients the option and facilitate participation in 12-step programming.

Can I have a private room?

Generally, rooms at our residential facilities have a minimum of two occupants. We encourage roommates to learn from each other, share experiences and establish bonds. Upon request, private rooms are available at an additional cost.

How is the food in inpatient rehab facilities?

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres prides itself on the quality of food we provide. Our chefs are highly skilled at preparing meals that are healthy, well-balanced, and delicious. We are happy to accommodate clients with food allergies and other dietary needs or restrictions.

Are residential clients allowed to leave the premises of addiction treatment centers?

Clients are not allowed to leave the premises unless accompanied by staff during the first three weeks of their stay. During their final week of treatment, clients can apply for an outing on their own. This outing is an opportunity for them to gain exposure to their environment and to assess how well they can apply the skills they have learned while in treatment. Twice weekly, clients have the option to leave the residence to attend community meetings.

Are the staff all recovering addicts?

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres’ team consists of Psychologists, Registered Social Workers and Registered Psychotherapists with a Master’s level of education or higher. Most of our addiction counsellors are in recovery and have been for longer than 10 years, and in some cases up to 25 years.

Are Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centers accredited?

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres is accredited by CARF Canada. CARF is the international mark of quality in the field of mental health and addiction treatment. It is a renowned accreditation body that sets international consensus standards for health and human services organizations. Trafalgar is proud to embrace the internationally recognized organizational and program standards required by CARF for accreditation. Its mission is to promote quality, value and optimal outcomes through a consultative process and continuous improvement, centred on enhancing the lives of persons served.

Is addiction treatment eligible for medical tax credits?

Since all Trafalgar Addiction Treatment programs delivered are supervised and under the guidance of registered health professionals (Clinical Psychologists, Registered Social Workers etc.) our programs are considered a Health Service under the Income Tax Act and are therefore an eligible medical tax credit. To submit your medical tax credit claim you will be required to provide proof of payment, an invoice from Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres, and a letter from our Clinical Psychologist confirming residential treatment is required.

Do you have a refund policy?

Any deposit payment made is fully refundable at any time prior to admission. In the event that a client decides not to engage in treatment or chooses to leave treatment within the first 24 hours of admission, a 90% refund is provided. Any funds withheld will be credited for up to one year should the client be readmitted into a Trafalgar facility. Ask your admission advisor for further details.

Is Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) charged?

Since all Trafalgar Addiction Treatment programs delivered are supervised and under the guidance of registered health professionals (Clinical Psychologists, Registered Social Workers etc.) our programs are considered Health Service under the Excise Tax Act and are therefore HST exempt. The cost communicated to you by our intake professionals is the total cost of programming.

What is the client-to-staff ratio in inpatient drug rehab centers?

On average we have 1 staff members for every client. This ratio helps to insure that our clients receive the best care possible. On average we have one clinical staff member (therapists/counsellors) for every client. This is one of the highest clinical staff-to-client ratios in the industry.