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Brooklynn McNeil B.A., CYC

Continuation of Care/Addictions Counsellor, Virtual Outpatient Program

Our Team >> Brooklynn McNeil B.A., CYC

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Brooklynn has worked for several years as a support for individuals, groups, and families impacted by addiction, trauma, and concurrent disorders. As an experienced counsellor and group facilitator, Brooklynn’s practice is grounded in a strengths-based, client-centred and trauma informed approach.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Child and Youth Care and is currently working towards completion of a Master of Social Work Degree with a focus in Clinical Social Work. Beyond her formal education, Brooklynn is a trained Yoga Instructor and considers mindfulness an integral piece of her professional practice.

In addition to yoga and mindfulness, Brooklynn pulls from modalities such as Dialectal Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Brooklynn invites her clients to show up as they are and places a strong emphasis on empowering each client to connect with and find trust and compassion in their own sense of self.

Her clients can expect that she will be present and collaborative in her work as she walks alongside, motivates, and encourages them throughout their individual recovery journey.

When not working, Brooklynn enjoys getting outdoors, hiking, and spending as much time in nature as she can!

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