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Jane Leslie M.T.S, R.P.

Clinical Therapist, Psychotherapist, Virtual Outpatient Program

Our Team >> Jane Leslie M.T.S, R.P.

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Jane comes to Trafalgar with over 20 years of clinical experience in counselling individuals with addictions and mental health. Prior to completing her Master’s degree which focussed on Counselling, Psychology, World Religions and holistically supporting individuals experiencing a variety of challenges in their lives, Jane worked in the health care field providing direct care with patients.

Jane then completed a two year clinical residency at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton working primarily in Acute Psychiatry, Emergency, the Mood Disorder clinic and the Surgical units supporting patients and staff in crisis.

Following this Jane continued her education in mental health and addictions with numerous trainings through the Center for Addictions and Mental Health. Over the years Jane has collaborated with CAMH involved in a series of research projects about Best Practices in working with Older Adults with Concurrent Disorders and Behavioural Addictions as the clinical consultant.

Jane worked for a not-for profit for almost 15 years in Concurrent Disorders, specializing in Behavioural Addictions impacting older adults during which she chaired a Provincial Resources Group providing behavioural addiction resources for service providers throughout the province.

Jane is passionate about her work enjoys the challenge of working in Mental Health and Addictions.

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