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Kat Holstein, BSc., BSW

Clinical Therapist, Virtual Outpatient Program

Our Team >> Kat Holstein, BSc., BSW

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Kat has several years of experience in the addictions and mental health field, where she uses a trauma-informed lens to support clients through their recovery journey.

She completed her first undergraduate degree in Psychology and Neuroscience, and later completed her Bachelor of Social Work degree to further her expertise in the field.

Beyond her educational experience, Kat has completed trainings in narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, trauma-informed practice, and extensive crisis work.

Kat’s professional experience includes working in both individual and group settings as a compassionate source of support and guidance. Her preferred theoretical perspectives and professional interests include psychodynamic approaches, strengths-based methods, and client-centered care.

She holds a particular interest in PTSD and trauma-associated behaviours and disorders.

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