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Kenneth Spohn, IAPRC, CPRC

Addictions Counsellor, Aftercare and Continuation of Care Programming

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Ken Spohn has worked privately in addictions and recovery for over 4 years with work in the realm of addictions for over 7 years. He has held also worked in the inpatient setting as a primary counsellor facilitating groups and individual counselling sessions. Ken has also developed programs to assist client’s post-treatment.

Ken is internationally certified in Professional Addiction Recovery, as well as a Certified Life and Recovery Coach. Prior to working in addictions, Ken worked both domestically and internationally in both the automotive and insurance sectors for 20 plus years with internationally recognized corporations and organizations, acquiring diverse experience in professional relationships in many cultures.

Ken believes the opposite of addiction is human connection and combines empathy and Socratic teaching methods to assist clients to help themselves. He also helps to developing insights into what may be driving the unhealthy behaviour(s) and ways to cope and manage in a healthy manner.

Different Treatment Options

We help you recover through 3 different options:


Substance, Process and Concurrent Disorder Programs

Virtual, Outpatient or Residential (30, 45, 60 or 90 days)

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