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Ryan Hunt

Continuation of Care/Addictions Counsellor, Virtual Outpatient Program

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Ryan Hunt began working in Addictions and Recovery 6 plus years ago and over that time he has held roles of counsellor, coach and mentor.

He has worked in both the private and inpatient setting facilitating individual and group counselling sessions for clients. Ryan has also created multiple peer support groups within his community for the ongoing support of the recovery journey allowing for like-minded individuals to connect and share their experiences.

Ryan’s experience comes from life; lived and learned. His passion for helping is driven by self-discovery and personal growth. He spends much of his free time being of service to others as Ryan believes that by creating and holding safe space to be honest and vulnerable with ourselves, we can not only discover who we truly are but we can help others do the same.

Different Treatment Options

We help you recover through 3 different options:


Substance, Process and Concurrent Disorder Programs

Virtual, Outpatient or Residential (30, 45, 60 or 90 days)

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