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Scott Jones

Director of Community Partnerships

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With over 25 years of experience in both public and private treatment for substance abuse and concurrent disorders, Scott Jones joins the Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres team with a unique approach to business development and client care.

Scott’s mandate at Trafalgar is to advocate for people suffering from addictions and mental health issues and for their health care providers as they seek effective, evidence-based and internationally accredited treatment.

By tapping into over two-and-a-half decades of experience, training and education in substance abuse treatment management, program development and implementation, and as a counsellor, Scott is a highly effective and efficient colleague for therapists, physicians, employers, extended health care and disability benefit providers and their clients as they navigate the substance abuse and mental health treatment field.

Scott believes that the transformational treatment opportunities at Trafalgar will result in increased stability, health and wellbeing for the client while offering a significant decrease in negative impacts to families and employers, the public health care system and extended health care providers.

As a member of the Trafalgar Community Liaison team, Scott relies on his ability to create and encourage highly effective strategic partnerships for all stakeholders involved during the early stages of the recovery process.

Scott can often be seen hanging out with his family, at his son’s football game, at the gym or a golf course living up to his reputation as “3-putt-Jones”.

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