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Someone struggling with a sex addiction requires dedicated and professional support to achieve recovery. Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres offer partners of sex addicts with informative reources and evidence-based, client-centres treatment necessary for lasting recovery from sex addiction.

Sex Addiction in Toronto

Sex addiction is a highly personal and complicated addiction that is based in a world of fantasy. For some people, sex addiction can become a destructive and uncontrollable disorder that needs immediate treatment. Even arriving at the diagnosis of a sex addiction can be a challenging due to the complexity of the disorder. This compulsive behaviour be effectively treated at one of our rehab centres in Toronto and Ontario.

The symptoms of the addiction include an unusual pattern of rampant sexual behaviour that leads to immense complications in one’s life. This is an all-encompassing addiction that requires a comprehensive treatment process in order to help take hold of one’s desires. The seemingly unstoppable nature of the sexual acts becomes problematic and interferes with one’s life, leaving the afflicted avoiding realistic social or personal relationships and fostering unhealthy infatuations and problematic encounters that can put the addicted person, or others, at risk.

A Customized, Tailor-Fit Program For Sex Addicts in Ontario

At Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres, we offer the most comprehensive and effective treatment programs for substance abuse in Canada. All programs are personalized to best equip clients with the skills they need to understand and overcome their sex addiction. 

Our tailor-made program includes:
  • individual therapy sessions
  • specialized treatment
  • Goal setting
  • Emotional regulation
  • Unlimited access to and support from addiction counsellors
  • Co-dependency
  • Mindfulness relapse prevention
  • AA meeting or group recreation
  • NA meeting or group recreation
  • Art therapy

Partners of Sex Addicts Resources

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Residential Sex Addiction Treatment at Trafalgar West

At our Trafalgar West addiction rehab centre, we offer intensive addiction and mental health programming that is most suitable for those struggling with underlying psychological issues such as trauma, chronic or severe depression and anxiety fuelling the addiction problem. Clients are offered a 30-day residential addiction treatment program, with extended stays also available.

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Residential Sex Addiction Treatment at Trafalgar East

Programming at our Trafalgar East addiction rehab centre is ideal for those that require psychological help and will benefit from a longer residential treatment program. Clients are offered a 45-day residential program. The serene lake view and peaceful country atmosphere make Trafalgar – East a perfect environment for those seeking recovery from addiction and concurrent mental health issues.

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Outpatient Sex Rehab Treatment Centre

Trafalgar Outpatient Centre, located in midtown Toronto, Ontario, offers treatment for addiction and concurrent mental health disorders based on a client’s needs, schedule and budget. With our unique and effective addiction recovery and mental health programs, we can make sure that your road to recovery is safe, effective and tailored to your precise needs. We are dedicated to helping you overcome your struggles.

Sex Addiction Treatment

The sympathetic, certified sex addiction therapists at our residential treatment centres or outpatient clinic understands the tumultuous emotional journey your addiction has taken you through, and the compliate effect this can have on your personal life. We want to help you understand and conquer your addictive sexual tendencies by providing you with an individualized behavioural addiction treatment based on your personal needs. By providing mental health treatment and sex addiction recovery options for you and your loved ones, we ensure that you are given the best possible chance of achieving sustained recovery. Sex addiction treatment is possible, and it starts with your commitment to treatment.

As part of Trafalgar’s sex addiction treatment program, we offer aftercare services to make sure that upon graduation of the client any kind of relapse will be prevented through our Aftercare, ContinUCare and Continuation of Care. Some may think that if they have made it through a sex addiction rehab program then their problems are over. Completing a sex addiction treatment program is a great accomplishment but it is only the beginning of the recovery journey. Aftercare is especially important during the first few years of recovery.

Our aim is to provide you with sex addiction treatment at highest standards, leading to a sustainable recovery.

Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.

Canada’s Most Comprehensive Addiction Treatment. Recovery. Freedom. Joy.