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The Benefits of Play

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Did You Know - The Benefits of Play

Did You Know: The Benefits of Play

In today’s episode of “Did You Know”, we’re going to be exploring the benefits of play.

Play allows us to be in touch with our creative sides to explore and solve problems in different ways and gives our brains a break from our everyday responsibilities.

Play allows us to be curious to create and be immersed in what we’re doing in the present moment.

It cultivates that space for mindfulness, for being. It allows us to focus on the experience rather than focusing on a future goal. Studies show that play actually reduces stress and stimulates our brain to naturally produce those feel-good hormones, such as serotonin and endorphins.

Play addresses our human needs for pleasure and novelty in a healthy way. When we play with others, we actually increase our intimacy with them, and it helps improve our human connections. So if didn’t think about it before. It’s important to make some time for play in your life no matter what your age is.

Life can be very heavy and serious at times, so taking the time to make that space to recharge and refresh is so important for your overall mental health and well-being and also your relationship with others.

So when you think about adding play into your life, I just want you to take note of what thoughts and feelings might come up for you. Is there any resistance? Is there excitement? Is there joy? Is there hesitation? Just take note without judging. And think about how you could be more playful in your life.

It doesn’t have to be big and extravagant, it could just be doing a quick dance in your living room floor for five minutes just to shake it out. Whatever that is, it could be a colouring book. It could be taking a walk to the park and maybe going on to the swing. Maybe it’s just playing fetch with your dog and spending more time actually playing with your dog, whatever that is for you.

How can you add more play into your life?

So I encourage you to go out there, be safe and have some fun.

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