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Journaling Prompts for Acceptance

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Journaling Prompts for Acceptance by Kinga Burjan

Hi there, thank you for joining me on your wellness journey. This video is a video to provide you with journaling prompts when you’re practicing acceptance.

There are many ways to practice having more acceptance in your life.

Journaling is a way to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings, and journaling can be used as a healthy outlet or tool to make more sense of what’s going on inside you, especially if you’re feeling stuck about something.

So here are some prompts to help you in your journaling practice. When you’re practicing acceptance, is there something in my life that I’m trying to control? Perhaps a person, situation or an outcome?

What could be the underlying reason why I feel I need to control this person’s situation or outcome? What are the pros and what are the cons of me letting go of this person, situation or outcome?

What is the worst thing that could happen if I let go of this person, situation or outcome? Is there something I’m afraid of? And what’s the best thing that could happen if I let go of this person’s situation or outcome?

Is there anywhere in my life where I feel stuck? What are my thoughts, feelings and body sensations connected to feeling stuck?

Have I had similar experiences of being stuck in the past? If yes, how have I worked through them? Are there any thoughts, feelings, beliefs or people that might be interfering with me practicing acceptance in the situation?

If I could have any reality, I’d like regarding the situation well within limits, obviously, we do live on planet Earth. But what would my new reality look like? What steps could I take to lead me there? Is there anything I need to change, accept or let go of?

So I hope those prompts give you a start, and you can always expand on them to sit and reflect on your feelings, your thoughts, taking a step back to look at the big picture and looking at those pros and cons of staying stuck or moving forward.

So life is a journey. I do wish you a beautiful journey, even though sometimes it’s hard, there’s still light at the other end. Thank you for joining me.

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