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8 Reasons Why Having a Sex Addiction Is a Problem

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How much sex is too much? Some say that for a sex addict, there’s never too much. And, this is a problem.

Society makes fun of sex addictions. It makes it seem like a choice based on strong libido, not compulsion and dependence.

The risks that come with having a sex addiction are serious. It affects physical health, mental health, and safety. It also impacts the addict’s family and support system.

Still not convinced sex addiction is a problem? Keep reading to find out the 8 most harmful consequences of sex addiction.

1. Sexually Transmitted Infections

Those suffering from a sex addiction will often seek satisfaction outside their relationship. The addiction is so strong they may pursue it with many different people.

Like other addictions, safety and logic get left behind. All they can think of is getting the next fix. This results in unprotected intercourse and STI’s.

The urge to please their addiction overpowers their rational thought. Most of us know that wearing a condom protects us from many different infections. But, when your compulsion for sex is like that of a heroin addict, you may overlook safety precautions.

2. Co-Occurrence

Have you ever heard someone say they “have an addictive personality”? While science says this isn’t a real thing, some people are more predisposed to try drug than others.

Co-occurrence is when addiction to more than one substance exists at the same time. Someone could have an addiction to cocaine and an addiction to exercise. Or, they may have an addiction to many types of drugs at the same time.

Sex addiction is no different. Someone who’s predisposed to sex addiction may also get addicted to drugs or other things. Unfortunately, one addiction often leads to another.

Sex addicts are at risk for developing addictions to substances. When one high no longer works for them, they might seek it in another form.

3. Low Self Esteem

Feeling controlled and trapped by an addiction affects your self-esteem. It can feel like you don’t have any power over your body. You’re controlled by the compulsions of your addiction.

People suffering from sex addiction often feel like a slave to their desires. Peers may view them as promiscuous, not understanding that it’s an illness. Judgment from peers can make the addict feel worse and worse about themselves.

Low self-esteem can slip into low self-worth. People who don’t value themselves might sometimes use self-harm to cope. It can also lead to depression and suicidal thoughts.

4. Trouble with Intimacy

When you’re addicted to sex, it’s hard to look at intercourse in any way but a fix. It’s the object of your compulsion; you both hate it and need it.

This causes problems when the addict wants to be intimate. Someone without a sex addiction can enjoy moments of intimacy and togetherness. Sex addicts often struggle with this because they feel shame.

Many addicts fear intimacy because their partner might find out about the addiction. This causes more shame and a lower self-esteem. The fear of judgment and being misunderstood by someone we love is strong.

5. Issues with the Law

As mentioned above, addiction causes the user to act without logic. They need a fix so bad they overlook safety precautions. They might also overlook laws.

Sex addicts sometimes turn to risky prostitution. Others experience their addiction morph into voyeurism, exhibitionism, and even pedophilia. These subsets of sex addiction are illegal in many public places or illegal in general.

Like any other drug, once the newness of the high wears off, the addict seeks something stronger. A sex addict may pursue illegal sexual activity to achieve the high.

6. Destruction of Relationships

Sex addicts often struggle with maintaining a monogamous relationship. It’s more than having a high libido; sex addicts need a fix every time the high wears off. Most partners aren’t able to provide that much sexual intimacy.

They may look for sex outside the relationship, with or without the partner knowing. This can cause the relationship to end.

Family and friends may also end their relationships with the addict. If they don’t understand that their loved one has an illness, they won’t understand the behavior.

Many sex addicts find themselves isolated with a dwindling support system.

7. Increased Chance of Prostitution

Prostitution comes with a whole slew of risks to those who engage in it. It’s not uncommon for sex addicts to take part in prostitution on both sides of the transaction.

This is dangerous because they don’t know the person they’re being intimate with. They could be violent, aggressive, or have bad intentions. There’s also a higher chance of spreading STIs.

Sex addicts who buy sex from prostitutes are also at risk. They can get stolen from, mugged, or attacked. Not to mention face criminal charges.

8. Unwanted Pregnancies

Anytime an addict has sex without protection, they are at risk for an unwanted pregnancy. Male and female addicts are both at risk.

If a female sex addict becomes pregnant, she must decide if she wants to keep a baby that wasn’t planned. Or, having an abortion. Both options can be traumatic and life-changing.

Male sex addicts can impregnate a woman who then decides to keep it or not. If she decides to keep it, the man may be on the hook. His partner, family, and friends could find out about his actions.

Interested in Learning More Consequences of Sex Addiction?

Despite the way media portrays it, sex addiction is a serious illness. It affects the addict, their peers, and society. Addiction is a serious issue that causes users not to seek help out of shame.

Shame is a common feeling associated with most addictions. No one wants to admit they don’t have control over their life.

Luckily, many treatment centers in America that treat sex addiction. If you or your loved one is suffering, know that there is hope.

For more information on treatment options, consequences of sex addiction, and supporting an addict, check out the blog.

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