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Bell Let’s Talk Day 2024

By January 24, 2024 January 26th, 2024 No Comments
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On Bell Let’s Talk Day, Canadians across the country come together to raise awareness and reduce the stigma for mental health issues. At Trafalgar, we recognize that eliminating the fear and prejudice surrounding mental health and addiction is essential in order for people to feel comfortable asking for help.

Addiction can affect anyone, and also impacts the people around us. Despite the idea that “everyone with addiction is homeless”, in Ontario, only 1/6 people who die of overdose are unhoused. The facts paint a clear picture: half of Canadians aren’t getting the qualified support they need for their mental health, and 21 people are dying from opioid overdose each day.

21 people die by opioid overdose every day.

Substance use issues can be triggered or worsened by coexisting mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression or PTSD, which make addiction even more challenging to overcome. That is why it is so essential to talk openly and honestly about addiction and mental health, so that no one feels ashamed to open up and ask for support when they need it.

Stigma stops recovery.

This year’s Let’s Talk theme and call to action is CHANGE:

C – Choose a mental health organization to learn about

H – Help a friend

A – Ask about mental health supports

N – Nurture your own well-being

G – Get involved

E – Engage in conversations

At Trafalgar, we live the value of creating change all year long. Our friendly and inclusive care teams are passionately dedicated to changing peoples’ lives for the better, and helping them reach their personal recovery goals, at any stage.

We promote CHANGE in our own way too, through:

C – Care and Compassion

H – Honoring people’s stories

A – Always staying Accountable

N – Never passing judgment

G – Going above and beyond

E – Encouraging empathy and kindness

We believe that by working together with community partners, policy makers, health care providers, the people we care for and their loved ones, we can break down barriers to treatment and support, helping those struggling with addiction and mental health issues to lead happier, healthier and safer lives.

This Bell Let’s Talk Day, make a commitment to CHANGE. Learn the facts, get informed about mental health supports, start conversations and reach out to help someone in need. If that someone is you, the first step to getting help can be the scariest.

We’re here for you when you’re ready.

About our Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centre

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre is conveniently located just west of Toronto, on 13 wooded acres of breathtaking nature. This well-appointed 23 bed inpatient treatment centre provides the highest possible standard of care in a comfortable home-like setting.

To ensure clients are mentally and physically prepared to begin their treatment, they receive evaluation and private accommodations at our sister centre, Neworld Medical Detox, for a minimum of 24 hours. This stage allows for gradual integration into treatment at the ideal time.

Trafalgar and Neworld share a highly-qualified interdisciplinary care team, ensuring seamless continuity of care and eliminating all barriers between client-centred treatment and progression in recovery.

Clients work with registered therapists in both individual and group settings to address the underlying mental health issues that are contributing to their substance use and addictive behaviours. Trafalgar features a full range of wellness activities supporting successful recovery, including yoga, fitness training, recreational activities, nutritional support and massage therapy.


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