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Outpatient Addiction Treatment – Benefits and Options

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There are many benefits to outpatient addiction treatment of the type provided by Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres.

It provides clients with the opportunity to receive expert, dedicated treatment while still attending to professional or family responsibilities. Clients can arrange outpatient treatment to suit their needs, schedule and budget.

Outpatient treatment can also be easily incorporated into a weekly routine if it is conveniently located. Trafalgar’s outpatient centre is located in midtown Toronto, making it easily accessible to anyone living in or around the city. Our outpatient program offers individual therapy, couples or family therapy, psychological consultation, skills groups, process groups, specialized group sessions and aftercare.

Flexibility of Outpatient Treatment

We design our outpatient treatment to allow clients to work on their recovery while still attending to commitments in everyday life. Trafalgar’s program allows great flexibility for clients as they can adapt it to suit their particular needs. Individual sessions can be arranged to fit into the client’s schedule. Outpatient treatment offers a more economical option for clients who do not wish to pay the amount required for residential treatment. Most importantly, clients can identify and select the specific components of the program that are most relevant to them. This allows them to construct a program of dedicated, evidence-based treatment for maximum effect.

Continuation of Residential Treatment

Outpatient treatment can be an excellent way for clients who have completed residential treatment to continue working on their recovery while transitioning back into a more ordinary routine. Client’s receive the same standard of care while attending to their responsibilities. Being able to gradually take on other responsibilities besides recovery work can be very beneficial to people as their recovery progresses. It helps to develop the sense of ownership and autonomy in their new, sober life. Some clients also find treatment more manageable when incorporated into a regular routine. This allows them to immediately incorporate methods and techniques developed in treatment into everyday life.

Outpatient treatment can also be a very good option for clients who have completed residential treatment but do not have a strong support network outside of treatment. Particularly during the early stages of recovery, continued support from a dedicated treatment provider can be hugely beneficial. Outpatient treatment also provides reassurance for family and friends of clients that their loved one has the support they need.

While Trafalgar offers an intensive, structured outpatient program, clients can also select specific group or individual sessions to suit their needs. Clients are also free to book as many sessions as they feel they need.

Trafalgar’s Outpatient Program

Trafalgar’s core outpatient program is a structured, intensive four-week course with a 19-hour per week commitment. However, clients can select any components of this program and book those specifically. These components include individual therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and focused group counselling. We offer skills groups and process groups at set times during the week. We design these groups to help clients develop evidence-based, personalized methods for dealing with some of the specific challenges of recovery. Individual therapy can be arranged to suit the client’s needs and can also be exchanged for couples or family therapy. Clients also participate in a clinical interview and assessment before beginning treatment, which allows our clinical staff to develop the best possible treatment strategy.

Our program involves only the most effective, evidence-based methods. All of our staff are of at least master’s-level, making them experts in their respective fields. Trafalgar treats the whole person, not just their addiction, meaning our staff are skilled and experienced in treating concurrent disorders, including depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.

Aftercare for Outpatient Clients

All graduates of Trafalgar’s outpatient program are entitled to ongoing aftercare support. This is a crucial aspect of Trafalgar’s commitment to its clients. These programs ensure that our support continues long after clients have completed initial treatment. Aftercare sessions allow people to continue working on their recovery in an active and evidence-based way with dedicated professional support. These meetings provide a compassionate and mutually supportive environment, particularly as we offer sessions focused on particular issues. These sessions ensure that people do not become isolated in their recovery process by offering the support of experienced counsellors and other group members going through similar experiences. Group members can share stories, concerns and suggestions in a compassionate environment, with the support of dedicated, experienced counsellors.


Outpatient treatment offers an excellent option for those working towards recovery, whether they have previously completed residential treatment or are beginning their treatment process. If you feel that you or a loved one would benefit from Trafalgar’s outpatient program, contact us today. Our admissions officers are available 24/7 and can answer any questions you may have about our programs. Before beginning treatment, clients participate in a clinical interview. This allows us to develop the best possible treatment strategy for the individual. It includes a comprehensive psychological assessment which helps us to identify the underlying causes and consequences of the client’s addictions and the best methods for dealing with them. Committing to treatment is the first step towards recovery. Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres will provide the support necessary to restore order to you or your loved one’s life.

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres

We offer residential and outpatient rehab treatment programs for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

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