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Body Scan Meditation by Liana Danese

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Body Scan Meditation (Liana) by Liana Danese

Self-Awareness: Body Scan Meditation by Liana Danese

Hello and welcome. My name is Liana Danese. I am a counsellor at Trafalgar Residence and today I’ll be guiding you through a short body scan meditation.

The purpose of body scan meditations is really to tune in to the body to access any points of tension in the body and to really just become mindful of what is going on within our body.

So please take the time to settle in and let us begin this meditation. Allow yourself to sit or lie in a comfortable place like on a mat or carpeted floor or a bed or a couch.

Although you may feel sleepy or your mind may drift while doing this exercise.

The goal is to try and remain alert and aware of the present moment.

So gently begin to close your eyes. Allow your shoulders to drop down and away from your ears. Bring your attention to your breathing. Breathing in and out.

And just allow yourself to continue to breathe naturally. Continue to breathe at your own pace, allowing each breath to come as it may, without any conscious effort to change your breathing.

Notice your lungs slowly fill with air when you breathe in and slowly deflate when you breathe out. Now bring awareness to where your body makes contact with the floor, the mat, the couch or the bed.

On each out-breath allow yourself to let go.

To sink a little deeper into the surface below you. Begin to scan your left foot for any sensations. Simply become aware of that. Move your awareness upward and scan your left calf. Notice and allow any sensations that may be present.

Scanning slowly up through your thigh now allow yourself to feel any and all sensations. If you don’t feel anything at the moment, that is absolutely okay.

Just allow yourself to not feel anything. If you do become aware of tension or other intense sensations in a particular part of your body, see if you can breathe into it using the in-breath to bring a gentle awareness to the sensations present in your body without trying to adjust them or change them in any way.

Now begin to scan for any sensations in your right foot, your calf and your thigh. Simply notice all sensations and feel what is happening in this present moment.

Continue to bring awareness and a gentle curiosity to the sensations in your right leg. The mind will inevitably wander away from the breath and from the body from time to time, which is completely normal.

When you notice your mind has wandered, gently, acknowledge it and then return your attention to the part of the body you intended to focus on.

Sending our awareness slightly upward. Focus on your stomach. Feel it rising as you breathe in and sinking as you exhale.

Repeating this nice and slow. You may become aware that your heart rate is slowing down. This is normal. Remain aware of your stomach and your breath. Breathing in, slowly and exhaling fully.

Continue to notice any sensations in your stomach area. Now, scan for any sensations in your left hand and arm.

Simply becoming aware of the different sensations and feelings of what is happening. Continue to bring awareness and a gentle curiosity to the sensations.

Again, if you do not feel anything at the moment, that is completely okay. Turning our attention to our right hand and our right arm, let’s begin to scan this area.

Bringing gentle awareness and curiosity to any sensations that may be here. Turning our attention back to your chest.

Continue to scan along your neck and to your face. Feel the sensations of your jaw and your throat. Noticing any tension or tightness that may exist in these areas.

Now notice the back of your head as it rests against the surface underneath you. And also bring your awareness to the very top of your head, once again, paying attention to any and all sensations that may arise here.

Now take a moment to expand our awareness and notice how all of our body parts are connected. Let any and all sensations come to you.

You may feel tingling. Warm. Coolness. Heaviness. Floating. Accept whatever sensation there is just as bad.

A sensation that will arise and slowly and gradually will change. This is just another part of you. Continue to focus on your breathing for as long as you like.

Once again, feeling yourself fully inhale and fully exhale. When you’re ready, you may bring movement back to the body by wiggling the fingers or the toes. Allowing yourself to stretch out in any way that feels right.

And when you are ready, you may slowly open your eyes and bring your awareness back to your surroundings. Thank you so much for participating in this body scan meditation. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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