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Journaling Prompts for Anxiety

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Journaling Prompts for Anxiety by Kinga Burjan

Hi there, thank you for joining me on your wellness journey. Today’s video is a short video on journaling prompts for anxiety.

Anxiety can show up in our lives for many different reasons. Many times, anxiety comes up from fear or worry of future fear or worry of the unknown and even fear of not being in control or not having control. This can send our brain into a negative thought loop. So writing down these thoughts on paper or audio can help you get them out of your head and bring clarity to the situation.

Now, the following journaling prompts are just an idea you don’t have to answer all of them. You can also use these questions to prompt you to explore further what is going on with you. But this is a good start if you’re feeling stuck and not knowing where to start with anxiety.

So here are some examples; where am I noticing this anxiety showing up in my body? So this question helps you become more aware of what’s going on inside and help create that mind-body connection, which can give us a lot of insight into what we might be holding on to.

You can ask yourself what happened that might have prompted or worsened my anxiety? What am I worried about? So you can write a list of things you’re worried about right now.

Are these worries new to me? Are they familiar? Are any of these worries 100% true? And if these worries have come true in the past, what happened? Is it possible that these worries might not come true? What would I tell my best friend if they were sharing these stories with me? How have I overcome similar worries in the past?

What do I have control over right now that I can focus on? So this might be my breath. Maybe some nice, gentle movement, what I watch, who I call, what I read.

What is one positive decision I’ve made this past week? What past experience brings me to a place of calm or joy when I think about it? And after journaling, if you still feel really heavy in your emotions, if you feel it’s too much to bear your safety is at risk, then please reach out to a professional for your anxiety.

It might feel like it, but there’s no shame in reaching out for help. One in three people are affected by mental health, and there are professionals out there to help you work through it. You can also reach out to the Continuation of Care Counselor as well. We are here to help. Have a beautiful day.

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