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Meditation for Manifestation

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Meditation for Manifestation

Meditation for Manifestation by Kinga Burjan

I’d like you to take this moment to get into a comfortable position either on a chair or lying on the ground anywhere where you feel supported.

I’d like you to start this meditation session by taking two deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth on each inhale, please try to ensure that your belly is rising as you breathe in through the nose.

And once again, releasing out through the mouth. And one last time, really allowing this to anchor you once again in through the nose, and out through the mouth.

This meditation is going to be on manifestation.

So I’d like you to take this moment to simply think about what it is you want. If you could have anything, what would it be? Take a moment to really visualize what this would look like. Visualize yourself in the space. Living this moment that you so desperately would like.

Notice what it would sound like, what it would look like, and become mindful of not only what it would look like to you, but how would others know? That your dream had come true. How would you say?

How might your attitude or your mood be different living this than your everyday life?

Take a moment and really visualize this as well too. How others will know. That you had manifested your desires, what you would look like from the outside looking in. Once again, how you would behave. How would you sound?

Really take a moment to think about this reflect.

Now that you have a good understanding of what it would look like on the outside looking in, what would it look like on the inside looking out?

Was your view of the world change? Did the experience of the world change? What would be the quality of your interaction with others? Would it be different than how you interact with others? If so, what would the theory be within you that charges this change?

So I’d like you to take a moment to really imagine yourself, in this job, in this relationship, in this body free of addiction, desire for immediate gratification, free of anything that’s holding you down. Letting in only joy, happiness, abundance. And most importantly, self-awareness.

Really being connected with who you are. who is with you in this desire? Are you alone? I would Like you to picture perhaps three scenes. Which you are living through this desire. Think of the first scene. Imagine yourself in this moment. Notice how you’re feeling. Notice the happiness that emits through your body. Really feel it. Soak it in.

And moving on to the second scene. Once again, where are you? Who or what is around you? What are you doing and how are you feeling? Really drawing this feeling in.

And finally, moving on to the third scene. One more full moment of pure bliss. Really take a moment to be present in this moment. And once again, taking a deep breath in through the nose and exhaling.

Any tension out through the mouth. Once again, in through the nose and grounding with the exhale. And finally one last time through the nose, and releasing any remaining tension out through the mouth.

I would Like to remind you as we close out this session that manifestations can be done in real-time.

There is someone out there just like you living your manifestation or your desire, and you can too.

I invite you when you finish this meditation to grab a piece of paper or a whiteboard and write in three to five things you like to see for yourself within the next year.

Post it somewhere, you can see it constantly. And reflect on these desires and how you can obtain them every day. Connecting with the steps that you need to make this a reality.

I would Like to thank you for engaging in this session of meditation today. And know that you can connect to this manifestation at any time throughout your day.

You can achieve this manifestation, whenever you desire.

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