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A Guided Meditation For Self-Love

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Resources >> A Guided Meditation for Self-Love

Guided Meditation for Self-Love by Kinga Burjan

This is a guided meditation for self-love. So sitting comfortably, whether it’s in a chair or lying down. You can close your eyes or soften your gaze looking downward. And pay attention to your breath.

Noticing the natural flow of your inhales and exhales, just noticing your breath without trying to change it. And just noticing how your body feels in this moment. Regardless, if there’s tension or if it’s relaxed, just paying attention without judging or without trying to change it.

Take a moment now inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your nose. Just slowly slowing down the pace of your breath. Notice where you might be holding tension in your body. Are there any emotions attached to this tension? Notice your mind. Is it busy? Is it quiet? Is it negative or is it hopeful? Noticing without judging.

And any time your mind wanders, just noticing that it’s wandering and bringing it back to your inhales and exhales. Now, place one hand over the other over your heart. And notice how it feels to place your hands over your heart. Associating this area with where you experience love for yourself and love for others.

Take a moment to notice the air as it enters your lungs, as your chest and your belly fill. As your hands slightly move with the rising of your chest and the relaxation of your chest with the exhale.

And on your exhale, give yourself permission to release any negative thoughts that you might have. Just letting them go. Doing your best to release, to relax, to let go with your exhale. Now on your inhale let yourself think of a positive affirmation of yourself, such as, I am enough or I’m worthy.

Continue allowing each inhale to connect you with this affirmation to connect you with self-love. And each exhale permission to release, to relax, to let go. Then take a few moments on your own connecting with your breath, with your heart as you inhale breathing in this positive affirmation.

Hearing yourself recite the positive affirmation in your mind. Really, let yourself feel these words as you save them in your mind. And giving your body permission, your mind permission to let go, to release tension or any negative self-beliefs.

If you notice your mind wandering, that’s okay, that’s completely normal. Simply bring your attention back to your breath, just noticing your inhales and exhales as they come and go. And it doesn’t matter if they’re positive or negative just allow those thoughts to pass like a cloud. Take a moment to imagine yourself standing in front of a mirror looking into your eyes. Take note of what you see.

Do you see sadness or pain? Love or joy? or maybe not much, just neutral. Regardless of what you see in the mirror, take a moment to tell yourself:

I love you. You are worthy. You are enough.

Imagine now breathing into your heart, visualizing love, pouring from your hands into your heart. Let the swarms penetrate you. From your hands to your heart. Moving, filling the rest of your body. Allow yourself to feel a sense of comfort as this warmth travels up through your body, your neck, your head out into your arms, your hands, down your legs to your feet.

Just breathing deeply, knowing that you can access love and love is available for you whenever you need it. Take some time connecting breathing deeply, feeling that warmth. Giving yourself time and space to connect with yourself, to love yourself.

So slowly coming back to a relaxed breath. Take note of any feelings or thoughts or sensations that might have come up during this experience. Again, noticing without judging. Just noticing what came up for you when you created the space to connect with yourself.

Thanking yourself for giving this opportunity to connect and to remind yourself that it’s good to love yourself. Then taking a deep inhale and exhale. Thank you for joining. Have a beautiful day.

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