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Stop Obsessing About The Past

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Meditations: Stop Obsessing About the Past

Stop Obssessing About the Past by Ramond Phipps

This is a meditation to help you to stop obsessing about those thoughts of the past.

Stop obsessing.

Obsession is our form of thinking that can distort our way of thinking. You ruminate on the past obsessively, even knowing we cannot alter its circumstances. You bask in the resentments of yesterday. Review interactions, judge yourself. And we experience our memories over and over again.

No one can avoid these troublesome experiences. Mindfulness will help you observe those patterns wisely. To respond with patience and understanding it may take time, but eventually, we will alleviate the hold our past has on our present self.

Obsessions often show up as side thoughts. The constant stream of obsessive negativity attached to your thinking like a shadow throughout your day. Practice calling to your present self, using that inner voice to bring you back to the present moment.

Release and digress that the past has for you.

Close your eyes and allow your body to find its calm. Use your breath to help it find its calm. Give your mind and body time and attention to exhale. It will achieve its calm.

If there is a part of your body that your attention is drawn to. Go ahead and offer it respect and awareness. Observe the thoughts, going through your mind. If you’ve been obsessing about something acknowledge it.

Examine it from a place of curiosity and interest, not judgment. Begin cultivating the balance and non-attachment to these charged emotions. And release yourself from the burdens of the past. Continue to breathe and relax in this mindful space. Until you are ready to complete this session. Hope you found value in this guided meditation.

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