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Addiction Treatment

Continuation of Care for Addiction Treatment

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Recovery is a lifelong process. Evidence-based addiction treatment provides someone with the foundation necessary to achieve a sober, balanced life.

However, due to the nature of recovery, treatment should not stop after its initial phase. Aftercare is an essential element of addiction treatment. Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres’ Continuation of Care counselling is a unique and innovative offering within Canadian addiction treatment. It ensures that our evidence-based, client-centred treatment continues after clients have completed structured treatment.

Unique Aftercare Support

The transition from treatment into back into a regular routine is a complex and challenging process. However, as someone progresses through this process, they will form an increasingly large reference point for sober living, making the idea of lasting recovery a tangible and achievable objective. This is a powerful incentive to continue working on recovery. Professional support during this phase, and during the early months of recovery, can be hugely beneficial.

Trafalgar’s aftercare programs offer clients dedicated support through the first months after structured treatment at no additional cost. Along with our Aftercare and ContinUcare programs, Continuation of Care counselling provides a unique and vital support throughout the early stages of recovery. No other addiction treatment provider in Canada offers such comprehensive post-treatment care. All post-treatment services are provided at no additional cost.

How It Works

Clients in our residential or intensive outpatient programs will meet and establish a relationship with our Continuation of Care Program Manager during their treatment. This means that, when their Continuation of Care counselling begins, they will already know and feel comfortable with the Program Manager. Upon discharge, clients are provided with a detailed discharge plan. Continuation of Care is a crucial aspect of this plan.

Within 24 hours of discharge, or on the next business day, clients will receive a call from the Program Manager. This is an excellent opportunity to re-emphasize some of the skills they have developed during treatment, and to discuss any issues they are having with the initial transition from treatment. As the first days after treatment can be stressful, they will also provide reassurance from a dedicated professional who understands these issues. An external perspective from somebody with an understanding of the recovery process and its challenges can be extremely helpful in identifying issues for clients that they themselves might not.

After the initial call, clients will speak with our Program Manger each week over a two-month period. Clients schedule 45-minute calls with our Program Manager in advance. Clients can schedule these calls at times that are convenient for them during regular business hours. They will discuss their progress and any challenges they are facing in their recovery. Having developed skills and methods for recovery during treatment, these calls are used to ensure that clients can continue applying them in their regular life. Clients can also call any time during business hours if they are facing an immediate issue or require assistance or advice. This means that Continuation of Care provides a consistent, reliable support throughout the early stages of recovery.


Continuation of Care operates alongside our ContinUcare program. ContinUcare involves sets of questions sent periodically to our clients. Their responses allow them to monitor their own progress and can be used by our Program Manager to identify any issues. Issues that clients are facing can be identified and addressed. During Continuation of Care calls, clients can discuss their ContinUcare responses with our Program Manager. Any issues that have been raised are addressed in a professional, compassionate context. Our Program Manager may also suggest other resources that may assist the client in their recovery.

The consistency and regularity of Continuation of Care calls will provide an evolving understanding of a client’s progress. If their situation changes substantially between one call and the next, our Program Manager will immediately see this and respond appropriately. They will also be able to predict potential issues and help the client avoid them or prepare to deal with them successfully.

Ongoing Support

Continuation of Care counselling is a powerful and effective element of Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre’s evidence-based, client-centred care. With our Aftercare and ContinUcare programs, it provides Trafalgar’s clients with uniquely strong aftercare support as they continue their recovery. They will form a crucial part of clients’ support networks as they progress. Our residential and outpatient programs provide clients with the strongest possible foundation for lasting recovery; our aftercare programs allow them to continue building upon it.

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres

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