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Psychiatrist Feedback on Addiction Treatment and Discharge Planning

By November 19, 2018 May 8th, 2019 No Comments
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eWe recently received some excellent feedback on our addiction treatment from a client’s psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist and our residential program manager were regularly in touch during the client’s treatment. This psychiatrist told us that the progress made by the client during treatment was extraordinary. She was dealing with severe trauma alongside her addiction problems. This meant that our holistic, comprehensive treatment for concurrent disorders was vitally important to her.

As all of our treatment methods are evidence-based and client-centred, we provide our clients with the strongest possible foundation for recovery. All of our clinical staff are highly qualified and experienced in treating addiction. The methods we use, such as individual addiction counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy and group addiction counselling, help clients to identify the underlying causes and consequences of their addictions and to develop methods for dealing with them.

This psychiatrist felt that, though our client had much more work to do, she left our treatment program ready to mentally and emotionally move forward in her life. While we are extremely proud of our treatment, such positive feedback from an expert source is always welcome. We are delighted for our client and the progress she has made.

Discharge Planning

Our discharge planning particularly impressed the psychiatrist. They called it the most comprehensive they had ever come across. Discharge planning is a crucial aspect of addiction treatment. We design our programs to ensure that our support for clients continues after a client completes a program. Our clinical staff work with clients to chart a clear path through the period immediately after graduation.

Upon completing a treatment program, it is essential that clients have a clear idea of their next steps. A detailed plan for how they will continue working on their recovery provides a sense of purpose and confidence at a vulnerable time. As the psychiatrist we spoke with noted, the transition from a program back to a regular routine is very challenging for most clients. It can be difficult to adjust back to ordinary life after the structure and constant support of a treatment program, and many clients are vulnerable to relapse in the days after completing a program. Comprehensive discharge plans provide clear strategies for how to deal with these challenges and continue to progress in recovery.


Our discharge planning functions alongside our aftercare services to ensure continued support for our clients after graduation. Our Aftercare, ContinUcare and Continuation of Care counselling programs offer the strongest and most comprehensive aftercare support available in Canada. These programs ensure that clients do not become isolated in their recovery. They provide them with a consistent support network and an ongoing relationship with our clinical staff. They help to identify any potential challenges or issues in a client’s recovery and to develop methods for dealing with them.

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres

We offer residential and outpatient rehab treatment programs for addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders.

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