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Holidays in A Rehab Centre

By November 17, 2021 December 17th, 2021 No Comments
A Christmas tree to spend joyful holidays in a rehab centre.

Spending The Holidays in A Rehab Centre

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, the holidays can be an incredibly stressful time.

For many Christmas festivities can be associated with drinking, which is problematic for anyone who is trying to stay sober this year.

Not only that, but the holidays can be a particularly emotional time for many people. Trying to keep up an act of perfection while being surrounded by friends and family can be quite difficult, especially when people have their eye on you.

If reaching for alcohol or drugs is your main coping mechanism, then the holidays can easily spiral out of control.

Even if someone feels that they’ve hit rock bottom during the holidays and need to get help more than ever, most people are hesitant to go to rehab during Christmas time – or any holiday season for that matter.

Not only is it hard to be away from their families, but many rationalize that the holiday season is a last chance to consume alcohol or their substance of choice before trying to get sober in the New Year.

The good news is, going to rehab over the holidays doesn’t have to ruin your holidays – it can actually be a good experience.

In fact, it can be the best gift you ever give yourself and your family. To find out the benefits of spending the holidays in rehab this year, read on.

Busting the Common Myths About Drug Rehab in Holidays

While spending time in drug rehab in the holidays is not ideal, sometimes those who struggle with addiction rely too heavily on common myths to prevent them from taking action now. But they are just that – excuses.

Do any of these common excuses around the holiday sound familiar?

1. “I need to be with my family during the holidays.”

While there’s no doubt that your family will miss you and vice versa, your loved ones often are affected by your addiction as much as you are.

It’s incredibly painful to feel so helpless as they watch someone they deeply care about go through hard times over the holidays.

Remember: your family recognize your struggles more than you think.

The truth is, you’ll be doing yourself and them a favor by spending holidays at alcohol rehab or a drug rehab centre. Then you’ll have a chance of enjoying many more happy holidays together.

2. “There’s no difference if I hold off until the holidays are over.”

Every single day spent drinking or doing drugs could aggravate your mental and physical health even further, causing your addiction to spiral further out of control.

Sadly, overdoses and alcohol-related fatalities are not uncommon over Christmas or Holiday season. In fact, studies show that mortality is higher over the holidays than any other time. Don’t let yourself fall victim to this excuse.

3. “I can’t start fresh unless it’s my New Year’s resolution. Besides, it will be impossible to quit over the holidays anyway.”

It’s not impossible for you to quit using substances over the holidays if you’re receiving treatment from qualified professionals at an inpatient rehab centre.

What will be extremely difficult is trying to quit alcohol or drugs over the holidays while being surrounded by temptation.

4. “I have too many commitments this time of year.”

While there’s no doubt that the holidays are one of the busiest times of year, don’t let that be an excuse to continue drinking or doing drugs.

There’s nothing in the world that is a bigger priority than your health and mental well-being.

Anyone who has your best interest at heart will understand your need to cancel plans and more importantly, support you in your decision to get help.

Why Spending Christmas in Rehab is the Best Way to Start to the New Year

If you’re on the fence about spending Christmas in rehab, consider this.

Do you receive extra time off work over the holidays? Most people do, which is why there’s no better time to start treatment.

Depending on the length of your stay in rehab, you may only need a couple of additional weeks away from work.

Plus, your co-workers are less likely to notice your absence if you start treatment over Christmas time.

Experience Christmas Sober For The First Time in Years

If you or your loved one are like many of our guests, perhaps it will be the chance you get to experience Christmas sober for the first time in years. This is an incredibly motivating way to start and end the holidays.

Most importantly, you’ll be entering 2022 with a fresh start. Imagine waking up on January 1st and you don’t have a pounding headache as you reach for a drink or try to get your hands on a drug yet again. There’s no better feeling than starting the new year clean and sober.

Why Our Residential Centre is a Great Experience Over The Holidays

What comes to mind when you think of rehab? If you picture a cold place where you’re isolated from other people, then that may be part of the problem.

While it may sound terrifying to spend Christmas time in rehab, the holidays are very warm and welcoming at our inpatient treatment centre at Trafalgar Residence.

Christmas is celebrated in our residential setting with a delicious meal cooked by our talented chefs for a fun, festive celebration.

In addition to excellent food over the holidays, you’ll be surrounded by people who have made the decision to change their life for the better, just like you. During your stay for treatment, you’ll become a part of our Trafalgar community with other people who have chosen to be away from their families to create a better life for themselves and their loved ones. You may even make some lifelong friendships during your stay who will continue to support you in your recovery for years to come.

Option to Attend our Virtual Holiday Drug Rehab Centre

The reason our facilities are the best place to be during the holidays is because you’ll be far away from the temptation of alcohol and drugs, which is monitored by staff.

While inpatient treatment is always recommended if you’re unable to stop using or can’t put a stop to destructive behavior, there is an alternative.

We have an option for online rehab available for people whose addiction has not yet spiraled out of control. So, if you’re hesitant about being away from your family over the holidays, you can go through our virtual rehab program without ever having to leave your house or take time off work.

Whether you’re struggling to overcome addiction to alcohol or drugs, our virtual services can be as effective as the experiences of many of our guests who receive in-person care. For many of our guests, our virtual rehab programs are life-changing.

Are You Ready to Change Your Life Over the Holidays?

Being in drug rehab for the holidays doesn’t have to be an isolating experience.

On the contrary – if you’ve been struggling, there’s no better way to finish the year than by spending Christmas in rehab at our CARF-accredited mental health and addiction rehab centre.

Whether you’re looking for online outpatient or inpatient treatment programs, our team at Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres is here to help. Give us a call today!


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