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Online Treatment For Various Addictions

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Virtual Addiction Treatment >>For Various Addictions

You can start your recovery journey with our online rehab program. We have individualized and intensive programming for alcohol, cocaine, other drugs and behavioural addictions.

Can Online Recovery Program Help for Drug Addiction?

Yes, our online recovery program can help with drug addiction.

Our programs are built from evidence-based practices that through research, have been shown to be effective in treating drug addiction.

Our online program differs from inpatient programming, or in-person outpatient programming in that you remain in your home during the treatment.

So long as you have a safe space in your home, and feel safe in your environment, treatment from home can be a great way to access treatments that in the past, may have felt more difficult to arrange.

Through individual sessions, you will be able to explore the root issues of your addiction and begin to resolve the inner distress that may be driving this behaviour.

In group sessions, you will be introduced to specific skills that aid in replacing the need for the drug, and help you create strategies for responding to triggers in a way that allows you to de-escalate without needing to escape.

Online Addiction Treatment for Alcoholism

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre treats alcoholism holistically and alcohol addiction can be treated online with our virtual treatment program.

We understand that there are multiple factors contributing to one’s addiction to alcohol: biological, psychological, and social.

Researchers identify that “the biopsychosocial model of addiction posits that biological/genetic, psychological, and sociocultural factors contribute to substance use and all must be taken into consideration in prevention and treatment efforts” (Skewes and Gonzalez, The Biopsychosocial Model of Addiction, p. 61, 2013).

Being an evidence-based program, your online addiction treatment will target many aspects of your life, not just your substance use.

Your therapist will work closely with you to unravel the factors the led to your experience with alcoholism and help treat them as part of your recovery program and relapse prevention.

How Can Virtual Addiction Treatment Be Utilized for Behavioural (Process) Addiction?

Behavioural, or process, addictions can be treated online with our program.

Just as treatment for substances has been moved effectively to online platforms, behavioural addictions have as well.

While some behavioural addictions may use computer technology for acting out (for example, pornography, online gambling, online shopping, etc), there are preventative measures that can be put in place to help break the association between the device and the behaviour, so that the device can be used for treatment as opposed to ‘acting out’.

This may include certain blocker programs, boundaries with the device held accountable by trusted others, or being creative in meeting digital needs while lowering risk of relapse.

Our behavioural addiction treatment program includes daily groups and 3 times weekly psychotherapy sessions.

Group and individual treatment includes materials and tasks from the Facing the Shadows and Recovery Zone treatment programs developed by Patrick Carnes, founder of the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals, world-renowned speaker and teacher for sex addiction recovery, and a recovering sex addict.

This program works to address the underlying trauma often found driving behavioural addictions or problematic relationships to sex, love, money, or work; as well as to reduce shame, create accountability, experience corrective attachment relationships, and develop the skills needed for healthy relationships.

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You will receive treatment from the very best. We have a team of accredited professionals who have many years of clinical and research experience.

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Dr. Christine Courbasson

Clinical Psychologist & Senior Clinical Advisor

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Nathaniel Israel, MA, RP

Clinical Director, Outpatient Program

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Kinga Burjan, MA, RP

Clinical Director, Virtual Integrated Programming

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Consult with a professional now to learn how we can help you or your loved one.

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