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Benefits of Online Rehab

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What Are The Benefits of Online Rehab Programs?

Online rehab programs (telehealth treatment platforms) come with many benefits and advantages.


No more rushing to accommodate appointments, secure childcare, or worry about traffic.

Sessions only require a stable internet connection and a computer or smartphone, in a confidential space where others cannot hear you.

You can create your space to be as comfortable as possible – wear your favourite comfortable clothes, bring your cuddly pet for comfort, and have all your favourite grounding tools quickly accessible.

Flexible Scheduling

Our therapists have flexibility in their schedules and can accommodate a variety of appointment times that fit your schedule.

We know one size does not fit all.

We offer two differently structured online addiction treatment programs. The only difference between these programs are online group option.

Both programs offer:

The above features are scheduled according to the client, however groups sessions have set times.

While some people have time to opt in to day or evening groups, others may prefer pre-recorded video skills sessions to complete on their own time.


Our programming and services make addiction and mental health therapy more accessible than ever.

Through our platfrom, you’ll be able to access your group or individual sessions from your computer or smartphone, just by signing on and clicking into your session at the scheduled time.

We do ask that you have a confidential space to have your sessions, for your own comfort.

This means any space in which others cannot hear you or your group.

Licensed Therapists

Our therapists are licensed mental health professionals. The term ‘therapist’ is not regulated, meaning that there are no rules on who can use this term or not, which can lead to unsafe practices and ineffective or even harmful treatment.

It is important for your wellbeing and your recovery that you know what license your therapist has, and that you make sure they are part of a regulatory body that ensure they are practicing safe and competent care, and are required to prove that yearly to keep their licenses.

The clinician you work with is still referred to as a therapist, as they are providing therapy, however, we ensure that all of our therapists are part of a regulatory body – either the College of Psychotherapists or the College of Social Workers – so that you can trust that you are getting professional and competent care.

Various Forms of Communication

Our team is available to help you when you need it, from the comfort and convenience of your own home.


Your privacy is our priority.

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centre’s Virtual Addiction Rehab Program is provided through a secure telehealth network.

Our online platform meets the standards required by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), so you can be assured that what you share during tele-health therapy remains confidential and secured.


While inpatient programming takes various steps to managing confidentiality and keeping your identity safe, virtual online programming provides another layer of support for confidentiality.

When attending in-person programming in your city, you may naturally be concerned about running into someone you know.

In our virtual program, you come to group at the start time and end at the end time all from your own home, without risk of running into others you might know.

The chances of being in a space with someone you know is also limited given that our program is national, thus you are in sessions with people from various cities (such as Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Halifax) across Canada instead of just your own city.

This added layer of protection may be helpful if you are concerned about confidentiality.

In group sessions, the only information exchanged is your first or preferred first name.

If you ever have a conflict of interest, or confidentiality concern your clinical team will work with you to problem solve and create a comfortable space.

Individual and Group Opportunities

In our online recovery treatment programs, you will participate in both group and individual therapy.

Individual therapy gives you an opportunity to create and work toward specific individual goals, explore in more detail connections between your past and your present, and draw insight into yourself.

Group therapy focuses on introducing new concepts, tools, and skills that you then practice in your everyday life between sessions, and share your experience together with the group for feedback.

Group therapy also includes process groups where you and others in recovery have the chance to process life events, thoughts, emotions, and experiences as they relate to recovery for validation, support, feedback, and encouragement.

Online rehab also gives you different stream choices in group therapy. You can participate in a specific group that consists of members who have similar struggles like yours. This will help you better in the long run since you will be more comfortable sharing your struggles.

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