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Peggy Geddes, M.A., R.P.

Clinical Therapist, Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Team >> Peggy Geddes, M.A., R.P.

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Peggy Geddes, MA, RP is an experienced clinical therapist. Her comprehensive background includes crisis intervention and trauma response. She served as a social worker in child protection for over ten years. She lectured at the Ontario Police College on interviewing child abuse victims. In addition, she worked within a mental health treatment facility with highly aggressive women.

As head of The Child’s Beacon Inc., Peggy was responsible for a national project, funded by Health Canada, to design, develop and implement an innovative communication and investigative tool for interviewing alleged child sexual abuse victims.

The tool was designed for use by police and child welfare professionals. Her work on this project provided the thesis for her Ph.D. dissertation, “Interviewing Alleged Child Sex Abuse Victims, 2006”.

She changed the corporate name from The Child’s Bean Inc to The Cove Counselling Services Inc. in September 2020.

Geddes co-authored the article, “Child Abuse Interview Guidelines for Physicians”, which was published in the International Journal of Academic Research (Nov. 2011). She is licensed as a psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO) Registration Number: 004912.

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