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Social Anxiety

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Social Anxiety by Kinga Burjan

Learn If You Have Social Anxiety

Do you have social anxiety?

Do you make up excuses to stay home rather than going out as planned?

Have you noticed that thinking of going out to socialize with others ends up feeling like a challenge?

Do you feel overwhelmed or anxious about going out?

Do you notice your mind bombarding you with reasons not to go out?

Do you notice an increased worry or reluctance of going out?

Do you have physical symptoms such as feelings of panic, isolation or depression?

If you have some of these symptoms you might have social anxiety.

Although it might seem like a hurdle to climb, there are ways to address anxiety symptoms.

It is possible to get back out and socialize again!

The following are some helpful tips to address social anxiety:

Engage in a healthy activity that helps you relax, such as deep breathing, taking a bath or shower, meditating, reading or petting an animal.

Regular exercise is proven to lower anxiety.

Use one of your 5 senses (your sight, smell, sounds, touch and taste) to help calm you down when feeling anxious.

Prepare yourself before the event, whether it’s researching ideas to talk about or listening to a guided relaxation or breathing meditation right before the event.

Take small steps by first going to smaller social events to increase your comfort levels.

Challenge negative thoughts by changing them to more balanced or realistic thoughts.

A negative thought might be “No one will like me”.

But how would you know for a fact that “no one will like you” if you don’t give yourself a chance to test it out in more than one place?

It’s okay to reach out for professional help if you need help with managing these symptoms.

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