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Visual Meditation

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Visual Meditation at the Beach by Aniesa Maley

Hello and welcome to today’s visual meditation. I’d like you to start by finding a comfortable position. Perhaps on the floor, on a mat, or on a chair. Just take a seat. Get comfortable. I’d like you to start this meditation by taking two deep breaths in through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. And once again in through the nose and letting it all go through the mouth.

Today’s meditation is going to be on imagery work, a meditation for visualization. I’d like you to close your eyes and imagine you’re on a beach.

Noticing what the sand feels like beneath their feet. Noticing the temperature of the sand. As you stand and gaze out into the ocean. As you take a look, I’d like you to notice what color the water is. Noticing how clear in turquoise it appears to be.

Being mindful of how the sun reflects onto the ocean.

Creating beautiful sparkles of crystals. As you notice how the sun reflects onto the water. You take a lookup into the sky noticing how blue the sky is. How white and puffy the clouds are. When you take a moment to see if you recognize any shapes in these beautiful bright clouds.

As you do so, you notice how the sun feels on your face. As it warms your skin. You take a moment to realize how the sun has heated the sand beneath your feet that is now heating your body.

You breathe in deeply, the ocean air. As you hear the birds in the nearby distance. You look around and you notice that you are alone on this beach. But you do not feel scared. You do not feel lonely. You know, you are exactly where you need to be. Once again, breathing deeply in through the nose down to the mouth.

Really noticing this sensation as you feel the air, enter through your nose and nourish your body with oxygen once again breathing in through the nose and letting it all go on the exhale.

You feel truly content, warm, safe and happy.

You decide to take a moment and walk towards the water. Feeling the powdered sand beneath your feet. Being mindful of each grain as you take each step. As you walk towards the ocean, you become in tune with the sound of the distant waves. As they crash onto the beach. They are rhythmic. You feel calm and that piece.

As you get closer to the water, the sand begins to change, becoming wet beneath your feet. You feel refreshed as the ocean spray splashes up onto your face and your body. You feel cool and calm.

You take this moment to enter the water. Noticing how the cool water hits your feet as you take a step in. Really taking a moment to feel how this water feels on your body. Not only on your feet and which it touches, but how it refreshes your whole being.

As you stand in the water, noticing the contrast of the sun warming your face as the water cools down. You take a moment and reach into the water with your hands, allowing the water to come up and clean your face. Cleanse your body. You feel truly fresh, safe and refreshed in this moment.

Take a look out into the beautiful, deep vast blue ocean that’s in front of you.

Looking behind you at the large, welcoming beach. And knowing that you can return to this scene whenever you feel it is needed. As you breathe in deeply through the nose and exhaling through the mouth, letting it all go.

Thanking yourself for engaging in this meditation and thanking the nature around you.

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