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Aneisa Maley, B.A, M.A

Program Manager, Residential Program

Our Team >> Aneisa Maley, B.A, M.A

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Aneisa Maley is particularly interested in CBT for addiction treatment as well as motivational interviewing and breaking down the stigma that is related to mental health and addiction.

In the past, she has worked with women who have experienced trauma and PTSD at the Sexual Assault Centre in Kingston. She has also worked as a peer mentor for psychology students at Queen’s University as well as TA and RA positions.

Further, she has had the privilege of co-facilitating outreach dance programs for underserved communities with developmental and cognitive delays such as Autism.

Aneisa is particularly interested in PTSD and the physiological differences reflected in brain scans. She is also interested in the relationship between addiction and concurrent disorders as well as addiction and its correlation with the connection.

She loves to look at studies that treat mental illness with physical activity interventions such as theatre, dance, kickboxing or yoga.

She is particularly interested in a treatment that works in conjunction with the biopsychosocial method and other clinical interventions.

In her personal life, she loves participating in musical theatre, kickboxing, hiking and dance. She also has an avid passion for travel.

She is thrilled to be a part of the Trafalgar team and watch the development of clients who put in the hard work from the beginning of treatment to their final day.

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