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Why Choose Trafalgar?

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We are honoured you have considered us as an addiction treatment provider and we will go to great lengths to ensure that your time with us is as effective as possible.

CARF Gold Seal Badge.

CARF-Accredited Addiction Treatment Centres

Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres is CARF-accredited. CARF is the international mark of quality in the field of mental health and addiction treatment.

See our CARF Accreditation here.

For individuals and families who are affected by addiction, Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres provides a foundation for helping clients to transform their lives and become better versions of themselves.

We understand the struggles you’ve endured and the pain your family has gone through, and we will do whatever it takes to get you back on track. Our comprehensive treatment programs follow a highly effective philosophy that focuses on client-centred care above all else.

Our unique treatment options are more effective than other treatment centres.

We operate a residential facility in Ontario and a Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program, which is a virtual addiction rehab platform accessible throughout Canada.

All our facilities adhere to our guiding principle of providing a holistic, comprehensive treatment protocol. Core to all programming at Trafalgar is our focus on treating the underlying mental health issues fuelling the addiction.

  • Trafalgar Inpatient Rehab is nestled on 13 acres of woodland property, just west of Toronto, and is ideally situated for maximum comfort and confidentiality.
  • Trafalgar Trafalgar Outpatient Rehab Centre, formerly provided in-person in midtown Toronto, Ontario, now offers virtual treatment for addiction and concurrent mental health disorders. This is tailored to each client’s needs, schedule, and budget. Our Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program offers a comprehensive program that clients can participate in the comfort of their homes.

💡 We will help you select the most suitable Trafalgar rehab program for your needs.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Rehab

Be wary of addiction treatment centres that promote “guarantees”. No one can guarantee recovery.

What makes us one of the leading Canadian treatment centres is the fact that we provide a solid foundation for recovery and are there to support clients if they encounter problems once they leave our care.

Our dedicated team of therapists will provide a comprehensive and unparalleled treatment program that will also help you:

  • Take ownership of your addiction and become responsible for your own behaviour, allowing you to accept your recovery and move forward as a more confident and stronger person.
  • Repair and fortify relationships with your loved ones, while developing the skills to build meaningful relationships with others as you continue your recovery.
  • Regain control over your life and foster the ability to make adaptive decisions throughout your recovery regarding your life and the lives of your loved ones.

9 Features That Sets Trafalgar Apart?

1) CARF Accreditation

Trafalgar is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. CARF is the international mark of excellence in addiction treatment.

2) Mental Health Focus

At Trafalgar we treat the whole person, not just their addiction. Our evidence-based treatment ensures that we address underlying mental health issues alongside addiction, treating them as concurrent disorders.

3) Clinical Expertise

Our treatment program is structured and overseen by our Senior Clinical Advisor, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Christine Courbasson. Dr. Courbasson is one of the most esteemed figures in Canadian addiction treatment.

Our clinicians are qualified to at least Master’s level. They are members of various professional colleges and associations.

4) Individual Therapy Sessions

All clients receive three sessions of individual therapy EACH WEEK with our highly-qualified, registered therapists.

They also have access to our Addictions Counsellors 24/7.

As a complement to individual therapy, we offer different Skills and Process Groups to help clients develop coping strategies against daily destructive behaviours while recovering.

We provide residential clients with a full psychiatric assessment and ongoing follow-up for medication management as necessary throughout the program.

As a result of the mental health focus of our treatment, our programs are HST-exempt.

5) Specialized Treatment

We provide specialized treatment for specific demographics.

We have designed specialized programs for a number of groups (like First Responders & Military Personnel) with whom we work closely. We also provide programs dedicated to treating PTSD with concurrent addiction.

We collaborate with case workers to provide the most effective, comprehensive treatment possible.

We are the first organization in Canada to provide Virtual Reality Therapy (Cue-Exposure Therapy) for addiction treatment. (Due to COVID-19, it is not available)

We always work to improve our specialized and innovative services and our 60+ employees are provided with ongoing professional development.

6) Family Support & Services

All programs include family and couples therapy at no additional cost.

Our Partner Support Therapy (PST) is unique in the field of addiction treatment. While Family Therapy/Communication Support treats the addicted person alongside their loved ones, PST is focused exclusively on the needs of those close to our clients.

7) Choice of Location

Trafalgar’s clients are offered a choice of location for treatment.

Residential treatment programs are offered at our Erin, Ontario treatment centre.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (which was previoulsy provided at our midtown Toronto location) is now offered virtually.

You can receive a structured and comprehensive Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program through our online addiction counselling platform in the comfort of your home, at your convenience.

8) Discharge Planning

We provide our clients with comprehensive discharge plans once they complete a treatment program.

We provide progress reports to case workers and referring organizations or health professionals.

9) Comprehensive Aftercare Programming

We offer uniquely comprehensive aftercare programming to our clients. Clients who have graduated from our programs can attended our Aftercare Group Sessions.

Our ContinUCare program allows clients to remain connected to our clinical team after treatment through a series of questionnaires that allow them to monitor their recovery progress and mental health.

With Continuation of Care, we support our clients long after graduation and through the transition back to home life. Clients discuss their progress with our Continuation of Care Counsellor during scheduled calls after completing their treatment program.

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