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Virtual Intensive Outpatient Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Program (VIOP) British Columbia Grant Program

Addiction Recovery Comes Home

A comprehensive and intensive Online Addiction Treatment program to support your recovery journey, from the comfort of home, work or other mobile location.

An introductory video of Trafalgar Online Rehab Program.

Trafalgar Brings You and Recovery Together, At Home

We offer a virtual addiction treatment program that you can easily access. You only need a computer or smartphone (depending on program choice) with a strong and stable Internet connection to start.

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    No need to physically go somewhere for your individual or group therapy. Additionally, to support you throughout the program (with your permission), Trafalgar will work with your existing care team and local community programming and supports.

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    This program has been made possible through a Grant Partnership between the BC Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions and Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres. A referral into the VIOP is made through your Health Authority.

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    It is well structured 4-week program with self-paced options. You know what is next and it can be at your own pace.

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    Our programming is built on years of professional expertise. Trafalgar is a CARF accredited with Master’s level Registered Therapists/Clinical Counsellors and Certified Addiction Counsellors.

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    All sessions are safe and confidential. Our platform is regulated by the Canadian authorities.

Program Features

Your program starts with a conversation and intake assessment with our Admissions Counselor.
There are two admissions options into the VIOP: Live Virtual Groups (Option 1) or the Self-Directed Program (Option 2).

👉 The Live Virtual Groups are best suited for those clients who are self-motivated, with the ability to participate in programming throughout the day, 5 days a week for 4 weeks. In total, the program is 20 hours per week for a total of 80 hours.
👉 The Self-Directed Program is for those with a more demanding personal and work life schedule requiring greater flexibility in treatment while adhering to the individual therapy supports each week.

Once you choose to participate in the program, the following features are included in your personalized 4-week program.

Invidividual Therapy feature

Individual Therapy
These sessions are individualized and 1-on-1. You and your registered Master’s level Therapist/Clinical Counsellor will work towards your issues with addiction by understanding what causes it.

Virtual Live Group on computer screen

Virtual Groups
Option 1: Live virtual groups that you can participate in: Daily Skills groups start at 7:30 AM PST (Mon-Fri) and Daily Process groups begin at 10:00 AM PST (Mon-Fri).

A person is watching a self-directed lesson.

Video Lessons
Option 2: 12 Video Lessons that cover the topics Language of Letting Go, Removing the Mask of Stress & Frustration and Management of Destructive Behaviours that you can complete on your own time.

Mentor Support feature

Mentor Support
Throughout your treatment, your addiction counsellor will support you to manage the emotional challenges associated with recovery through Support by Text (Option 1) or 3 Check-In Calls + Support by Text (Option 2).

Family Therapy feature

Family Therapy
Living with someone who struggles with addiction can impact all members of the household. Therapy for Family Members of those suffering from an addiction is an important component of our programming.

Partner Support Therapy feature

Partner Support Therapy
Unlike family therapy, which treats the person alongside their loved ones, Partner Support Therapy (PST) sessions focus exclusively on your partner’s own emotional and mental well-being.

A person receives his individualized discharge plan after completing online rehab.

Discharge Plan
In the final week of treatment, you and your individual therapist will create an individualized discharge plan. If needed, Trafalgar will assist you in continuing to access your regional Mental Health and Substance Use supports.

A woman receives a Continuation of Care call because of her online program.

Continuation of Care Calls
After graduation, your designated Addictions Counsellor will continue to call you biweekly for 4 months, and monthly for the following 20 months. These calls will help you to cope with new issues that may arise during your recovery journey.

Aftercare feature

Virtual Aftercare
You will be able to choose a virtual aftercare support session to continue with after your graduation. You will be able to interact with other graduates virtually and practise social skills and identify relapse triggers.


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Once you are referred to the VIOP

Once you are referred to the VIOP and you have had an intake conversation with an Admissions Counsellor at Trafalgar, you can expect to start the program in 24 to 48 hours. You will be able to discuss your start date and time during this conversation with your Admissions Counsellor.

Your psychological consultation will be scheduled for the first week of your program. After your first day of starting, you will be contacted within 24 – 48 hours by their therapist to schedule their first one-on-one session.

We Take Privacy Seriously

We use an end-to-end encrypted telehealth platform that complies with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) and all equivalent personal health information protection legislation in Canada.