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New Enhanced Program for PTSD and Related Addiction Treatment

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Trafalgar Addiction Treatment Centres is proud to announce the launch of our new enhanced treatment program for PTSD and concurrent addiction.

The ten-week program will be offered free of charge as part of our outpatient treatment and will begin on March 7th. It will provide an integrative treatment program combining interpersonal process work with a focus on skills designed specifically for clients who have served with the military or as first responders and are coping with PTSD and concurrent addiction.

PTSD Program Overview

Our highly-qualified staff are experienced in treating the issues associated with PTSD. We understand that PTSD manifests differently for every person coping with it. The treatment we provide is adaptable to the specific nature of each client’s condition. It allows clients to identify the underlying causes and consequences of their PTSD and addiction problems and to develop methods for dealing with them. Ultimately, treatment can help clients to restore order to their lives. Kim Miller, Trafalgar’s Military and First Responders Liaison, served as a Captain with the Canadian Military. She is a former Trafalgar client. Describing Trafalgar’s treatment for PTSD and concurrent addiction, Kim told us “It shows you how to live again.”

Trafalgar’s Clinical Manager Nathaniel Israel, MA, R.P., emphasizes that the first focus of treatment is to “identify how the symptoms of PTSD are affecting each individual.” Once this work has been done, treatment focuses on identifying the PTSD triggers for that individual and developing strategies for coping with them. Clients will be able to measure their progress and to continue working on specific issues and strategies. Trafalgar also provides a safe, welcoming environment for all clients, which is extremely important for clients coping with PTSD.

Dedicated Treatment

Dedicated group sessions with our highly-qualified clinical staff help clients to identify the underlying causes and consequences of their addictive behaviour and concurrent mental health disorders. This allows them to gain a more tangible sense of their conditions and symptoms. Nathaniel explains, “it’s very beneficial for clients to develop a more concrete idea of what they are dealing with.” He notes that treatment also allows them to see “clear proof of their progress” from week to week. This provides encouragement and motivation to continue working towards recovery.

Kim told us that “other places were trying to treat my addictions. But the addictions were numbing the real causes, the traumas. At Trafalgar, they focused on my mental health. They helped me to deal with all of my traumas and my issues.” This is a crucial aspect of our mission: confronting the underlying causes of the addiction to provide holistic, effective treatment for the whole person. This ensures that clients are given the strongest possible foundation for lasting recovery. As Kim states, Trafalgar’s treatment provided her with “healthy tools” for dealing with her problems instead of “gambling, drinking, numbing the pain.”

Military & First Responders

Our process groups are extremely effective in treating PTSD and concurrent addiction. Clients can benefit not only from experienced treatment professionals, but from the knowledge and experience of other clients. This collaborative element often appeals to clients who have served in the military or as first responders. Kim notes of these groups, “we’ll only open up to our own people.” This difficulty in discussing experiences and challenges can exacerbate the symptoms of PTSD and addiction. Dedicated group sessions create an environment in which clients will feel safe and comfortable sharing their experiences. Clients also benefit from the perspectives of others who have faced similar challenges. As Kim told us, “Other peoples’ stories make you feel less alone.”

The different elements of our treatment complement one another extremely effectively. Our integrative treatment protocol allows clients to identify specific issues before developing practical strategies for dealing with them. Addiction and PTSD can make the small acts required to get through the day overwhelmingly difficult. Dedicated groups give clients the tools to confront and overcome the challenges they encounter. This allows them to practice recovery methods in a safe, controlled environment. They also provide clients with tangible evidence of their progress. This is often particularly important to clients who have served in the military or as first responders. This treatment ultimately gives clients the skills to achieve lasting recovery and to restore order to their lives.


We work hard to ensure that our treatment centres maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to recovery. Kim described Trafalgar as “a warm, inviting, safe environment.” This type of setting is extremely important in treating clients with PTSD and particularly those who have served in the military or as first responders, as they are often dealing with intense trauma. We also provide our clients with a clear structure and can provide a detailed daily schedule upon request. Clients coping with PTSD often appreciate this.

We offer enhanced treatment program for PTSD-related addiction free of charge for members of the military and first responders. It begins on March 7, 2019. If you would like to register for the program or would like more information, contact us today.

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